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the Ruby it is ready to buy the Brazilian forward Milan for 16 million euro

Kazan the Ruby was going to redeem at Milan the rights on 27 - the summer pupil Santosa Robino also has offered Italians for attacking 16 million euro.

when - that we looked through the next young players in Brazil. On a sign including we had Robino playing then in Santose . For it the club asked 3 million, we to ourselves then presumed the football player not more expensively 300 - 400 thousand... - the head coach " complained some years ago; the Ruby Kurban Berdyev.

it is visible, the football player has appeared is so necessary to citizens of Kazan that they have dared at one more attempt. In due time Robino named successor Pele however, it was not possible to justify the big advance payments to the player.
it is interesting that for the Ruby One more Brazilian collection - halfback Carlos Edward who meanwhile has not justified the purchase (for it " acts; Hoffenhajmu have paid about 20 million euro), plainly and without having played for a command from - for constant traumas.
Robino has spent for Brazilian national team of 90 matches and has hammered into them in 26 goals. For Milan attacking, acting in the Italian championship since summer of 2010, has played 47 games and has hammered in 19 balls. The contract of the football player with Milan it is calculated till 2014, - informs the Swiss portal 4 - 4 - 2. com.