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Hiddink will replace Berezutsky with Volf

In a German press recently even more often there is an information that the defender “ Nuremberg “ Andreas Volf can put on a form of the team of Russia. The argument such: the football player was born in the Tadjik city of Leninabad and has moved with parents to Germany in 1990, that is still when there was Soviet Union. Then, by the way, to Andreas was eight years. According to German newspapers, Guus Hiddink and its assistants are interested in catching Volf as in a line of defence at the Russian national team it is a lot of problems. It will be entered in a command to the football player not so difficultly: he well speaks on - russki. It is necessary to receive the Russian passport, but it as German journalists believe, a problem should not become. To clear a situation,   the football player   “ Nuremberg “ has given interview to the newspaper Sports - the Express train. Are newspapers write... I such did not tell anything. Heard that to me there is a certain interest from the Russian national team and that Hiddink watches my affairs in “ Nuremberg “. On this theme it is a lot of conversations, but I would not want it to discuss. As anybody from Russian national team did not call to me. Here if the call is distributed and concrete conversation then I will think will go. While I try to concentrate only on club affairs in which now it is a lot of problems. - and all - taki - if will arrive the offer from Russian national team what will do?
- for me it would be a great honour. It will be necessary to think strong. - it is possible more particularly? If Hiddink has called and has invited you to play in the European championship, you would not refuse?
- I can not tell now. I repeat: nobody called to me. And I will not solve one this question - I will necessarily consult to parents. But, of course, to play on Åurî - 2008 would like. - and what your opinion on a today`s Russian national team?
is a young team, in it many talented players. Arshavin, for example. In an UEFA Cup match in Peter I against it played, and it was necessary to me difficultly. Very much tehnichnyj and the fast football player. - and what know about your colleagues on role - defenders?
- Saenko to me told about brothers Berezutsky, Ignasheviche. Said that it not only strong football players, but also good children. - games with participation of Russia saw?
- yes, looked translation of its Moscow match against Englishmen. Game of Russians very much was pleasant. - did not expect, what Russia will win?
- I can not tell it. Yes, at Englishmen the strong team, but at them too is a lot of problems.