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Four super - steams

Sergey Tomilov Marvellously, the very first stage plej - off Champions Leagues, namely 1/ 8 endings, has presented to us of four pairs, to see which in the ending of this tournament would not be unexpectedness. There are also four more oppositions. Struggle in them will be not less, than between contenders - grandees, but in some of them we already now can name the favourite. Though it also is not obvious. an arsenal - Milan Commands are in number of few grandees of the European football which recognise the Cup of Champions as the main trophy which in general can win club from the Old World. It proves to be true at least that Arsene Venger always declaring a victory in a Champions League almost as about treasured dream, for example, has offered in a season 2005/ 2006 the championship of England (inconceivable hitherto event!) To act as it is possible more successfully with the command in this tournament. Similar it is possible to speak and about Karlo Anchelotti. Only if Venger has failed with the invention and has not won League, in the championship has not entered even into a three, for Milan and Anchelotti in particular the won trophy of the most prestigious tournament of Europe became as though the justification before the Italian football public for ordinary-looking enough (to measures rossoneri certainly) a season. So it is possible to say that hungry to a victory in tournament of Venger (though now thus its command confidently is in the lead in the Prime minister - League) will meet Anchelotti, which command again not bleshchet in the championship, but thirsts to defend a title and to be made even by quantity of hits in the ending with Madrid Real . By the way, is in Milan and one more person who very much wants to get in the field Luzniki . He is Paolo Maldini, which already eight (!) Time played Champions League finals and for certain rather wishes to become the champion in this component. While it divides this place with eks - the halfback all the same Real Frantsisko Gento. Besides Paolo declared time and again that will finish the long career upon termination of this season and its treasured dream - to finish it on the victorious note in Moscow.
chances of a victory in the first match in London, I consider, will be more at owners. Italians have enough skill to oppose the class game to any contender, but it seems that this time kanoniry will be stronger. At least because wards of Vengera this year do not lose house matches. rum - Real Direct applicants for a champion`s title in the countries (truth, Rum already has almost lost chances, painfully fine plays this season Inter ) . Despite all zvezdnost both collectives, chances galaktikos look more preferable. Even despite ordinary-looking enough game Leopards this year, it is visible that madridtsy the lath hold, and even in general raise. Bernd Shuster zaschet active selection has created to itself young and, the main thing, a subject command which can be operated easily. To that acknowledgement - absolutely different two rounds of the championship of Spain. In one of them Real has spent faded game and has dry lost on a visit Almeria which though is in first ten, nevertheless not a couple to Real . SHuster has changed almost half-structure and in the following game capital football players have humiliated " literally; Valladolid having hammered in seven meek balls.
rum in turn, - a command not less operated (and can, even more), but hardly less masterovitaja and class, than their forthcoming contenders. Just this class also does not suffice Romans at least closely to come nearer to Interu in the championship of Italy.
the statistics, as it is known, knows everything, and on its basis it is possible to say that at a group stage Rum has acted at least not worse madridtsev, and even it is better. Command points have typed equally but if to consider that Real was the absolute and unconditional favourite of group, and Romans divided this rank with typed a course the MU it turns out that Italians have spent much more efforts to type these points, rather than the Spanish football players.
undoubtedly struggle in both matches of opposition will turn out the most persistent, however in the first house for Rums a match I would risk not to put on a victory of Romans. Again - taki from - for notorious shortages of a class. In this case hardly - hardly it is considered. Lyons - Manchester United On the threshold of any loud matches so it was moved in modern football, often there are various hearings about sale of known players by one club and their purchase by another. Did not become an exception and a meeting Lyons with Manchester United . At me the French championship associates recently with Dutch by quantity of delivered stars in elite of the European football. Drogba, Maluda, Riberi, Essien, Kalu, Mekses... The list can be continued long. All of them have grown in the French superiority and have left to reel up new kilometres in more eminent clubs. In the meantime, already new young growth Lyons mainly in person Karima Benzema and Hatema Ben Arfy, has seriously interested selectors of the most successful clubs. the MU among them. However the present president of the French champion of six last years has declared that leaders will not leave a command. Until will win with it a Champions League.
certainly, the main command of Manchester at first sight seems much more strongly Lyons . In favour of such conclusions phenomenal game " speaks; red devils in this season, and also talent of Krishtianu Ronaldu revealing by all new sides. Besides, selection JUnajted does not cause any censures. Bought at sportinga Nani and the Anderson, and also Carlos Teves were perfectly entered in command game and smash all and everything, without reckoning with authorities.
however, in my opinion, Frenchmen on the home field will manage to show better qualities. If it occurs, it is necessary to Englishmen oh as uneasy, because Lyons though in this season and not so favourably differs from contenders in the championship, at a group stage, especially in its ending, showed very mature and entertainment football. The same Rejndzhers Far not the weak team of Britain, house has passed three meek balls from Frenchmen though on a game there was a permit in 1/ 8 endings. Liverpool - Inter Recently Liverpool began to hand over sharply. All the January long Raphael Benitesa`s wards have spent without a uniform victory, and only on second of February in game with Sunderland red it was possible to interrupt pjatimatchevuju a series. Besides, in a management of Englishmen too not all is fine. In - the first, it is not fine with building of new stadium. In - the second, - with relations between the trainer and board of directors. All it pours out in nobody the necessary conflicts which for certain only prevent to prepare normally to a command for matches.
however, the trainer`s talent of Benitesa of doubts does not cause, so, easy walk Interu all the same it is not necessary to wait. Italians who now play simply excellent in the championship, will arrive behind a victory. It is clear. But hardly it will get to them. This year mersisajdtsam the title of the champion of England does not shine. Therefore it is easy to assume that the emphasis will be made on a Champions League.
to Liverpool on forces to beat milantsev. Selection of players at Englishmen excellent, character too is and when it will be necessary, it will necessarily be shown. I think that it it is necessary will come already in the first match on Enfield . Liverpool has lost only once in this season at home. Enchanting the MU then has won only 1:0. It speaks about that spirit, with which Dzherrard and To leave on house games.
as to chances Intera they too are rather great. red in comparison at least with the season beginning, the best times have now not, and to use errors of the contender Italians will manage. The match outcome depends on that, how many errors will admit commands. And whether will manage to use them for all hundred percent. In general, as well as in any super - opposition. Fenerbahche - Seville only insufficient titulovannost these commands does not allow to name pair super . Here there will be all - both heat of struggle, and unpredictability of any result because the forecast for these games I to do did not become. Certainly, Turkish commands always strongly play houses, but Seville all every day acts better and better and gradually the base at Spaniards still that finds the game, and. To win group where also is the Arsenal expensive costs. At the same time Fenerbahche with Roberto Carlos at the head it has managed to be noted by a victory over Milan Interom in the first match of tournament.
and still it is more than chances of a victory at football players from Turkey. At a group stage in house matches against Intera PSV and CSKA wards of Ziko have passed only one goal, nakolotiv thus in gate of contenders six balls. I do not think that the owner of an UEFA Cup will manage to break this series. Nevertheless, you see, Spaniards are weaker than the same Intera that is why they should try very much to extract at least a drawn game at the Istanbul stadium. an Olympiakos - Chelsea One year ago we necessarily would give up as a bad job and would tell: And, what here to speak! And so all is clear! however Mourinho`s leaving which has caused instability in a camp aristocrats and unexpectedly confident game of Greeks at a group stage will not allow us so to say now. an Olympiakos has managed to leave in group out of work such strong teams, as the Werder and Latium and with Madrid Real to draw houses.
I Think, Englishmen can hope for a drawn game in Peraeus and. It is the most probable outcome of the first meeting. Probably also that Greeks, having collected will in a fist, will manage to win, as they have sensationally made it with the Werder having shipped Germans three balls and without having passed any, but all - taki Chelsea - at all the Werder that is why a drawn game most likely.
Englishmen did not lose while in this Champions League. The group has got to them not the strongest, with astable Valencia and not the most venerable SHalke 04 and Rusenborg . On a victory following the results of two matches chances it is more, of course, at them. However, I do not think that Avraam Grant occupied with construction of a command, will threaten on a Champions League, on which and Mourinho during the best times dark blue it was not possible to threaten. Seltik - Barcelona the Situation approximately the same. There is an obvious favourite who, however, now not so is stable and good, as before. There is also a command which can give battle to any favourite, but no more that. Seltik already beat a strong team in this season on house arena. This time a victim the operating owner of a trophy " has fallen; Milan . It is almost assured that to the Leopard with problems its numerous and collected recently (basically Ronaldinhos connected with faded game), the same fate will comprehend.
against Seltika in Scotland it will be necessary to struggle. Except British is better it Germans and, perhaps, Italians are able to do. Apparently, to Milan to one of the best representatives of Italy to cope with this problem it was not possible. Spaniards play more tehnichnyj and high-speed football. But speeds Celts too you will not surprise. So remain well-known sine - garnet laces. Probably, only magnificent command game Barcelonas can put this time Seltik on knees.
certainly, for an outcome of the general opposition to fans of Catalans it is not necessary to worry. The difference between two clubs though in football there is all is too great. But here kasaemo the further prospects of wards of Rajkarda, it appears, that they at least are foggy and not clear. As a maximum - almost zero. Personally I do not have confidence that, exhausted by constant struggle (while it yet has not lost sense) for the first line with Real football players Barcelonas will manage also to win or even to pass in a Champions League semi-final. SHalke 04 - to Port Usual such, I would tell, pair 1/ 8 Champions League finals. Commands, certainly, with claims on the highest places, but without special arguments on it. Nevertheless, Portugueses have managed to win group in which was Liverpool . Though, probably, would be more correct to tell that Englishmen have managed to jump on the second line though risked to remain outside of plej - off. The German command has occupied the second after Chelsea a place in group and to it, apparently, it was quite happy.
to speak about chances of these two commands very difficultly. With 90 - percentage confidence it is possible to tell that they are equal. The club from Gelsenkirchen plays the championship a rank above, but at present feels there not so confidently. House defeat from going the seventh Wolfsburg - to that the direct proof. In turn, to Port in the homeland goes the absolute leader of a season, advancing the nearest persecutor - Lisbon the Benfika - already on ten points.
the factor of the field, most likely, will play defining role in this opposition. Additional indicators will go to a course, and here who more and will more in due time take care of them, that and will come out the winner.