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Puzzle David Janchik

Total Football January, 1 (24) 2008
the Correspondent Total Football has made a fascinating puzzle about David Janchike David Janchik
Was born 23. 09. 1987
Growth of 183 sm, weight of 81 kg
Club - CSKA
Citizenship - Poland Nigger
the Swarty skin of Janchik has inherited from mother who has Turkish roots. The nickname of the player - Nigger is not casual. In English language this traditionally rough reference. But its Polish variant - Murzyn - is much more neutral. By the way, the same nickname was at one of the best football players in the history of the country - Zbigneva Boneka. One more nickname of Janchika - Polish Runi. Janchik Has risen in price in 580 times
In 2005 has managed Legii in 5 thousand. The so much capital club has paid to a command Sandetsija (The third league) from David`s native city - Are new - Sonch. CSKA, under the initial data, has laid out for the five years` contract with the forward nearby 4,5 million. this figure is incorrect, - the editor of department of football of Polish newspaper Super Express of Piotr Kozminski has told TF. - the Exact sum - 2,9 million euro. Sandetsija having the right to a part of the sum of the subsequent transfer of the player, has received from Legii the letter where it was specified that the club from Warsaw has sold Janchika for 2,9 million . Thus, for two years the football player has risen in price in 580 times.
Janchik never played not Taken place collection for the first Poland national team though it was twice caused in it (for the first time - spring of 2006). Both times to a debut stirred traumas. By the way, several months ago in Poland hearings went that David from - for the Turkish roots wishes to support a national team of Turkey. Hearings have been quickly dispelled. on viewing at Aristocrats
Two years ago Janchik went on viewing in Chelsea and Monaco . Chances to remain in the London club initially was a little. But the environment of the player used this trip with the maximum benefit. In the Polish press there was a photo where David has been embodied together with the agent Ezhi Kopetsom and goleadorom aristocrats Dide Drogba. The purpose was to receive a wide resonance round a figure of Janchika that that, having returned to Poland, has signed as much as possible favourable contract with Legiej . Already being a star of this command, David caused interest at Marseilles and Manchester of City . By the way, favourite club of the Pole - Milan Inter . Its dream - to act in the future for this command. Skromnjaga
Under the certificate of the Polish journalists, Janchik - boring enough person . The excessive modesty, shyness of the player is meant this characteristic. It avoids compromising interviews, in a locker room prefers not to be put out behaving quietly and it is quiet. the fan sweet
David very much loves sweets, chips and other food not too useful to health. From drinks prefers orange juice, sometimes presumes a glass of the Polish beer Krolewskie (the company making it is the sponsor Legii ) .
Favourite actor Janchika - Silvestr Stallone, the favourite filmstar - certainly, Rimbaud. Not less curious fact: at school David was going to become the architect. the stranger among the
Having a recognition in Europe, in the homeland of Janchik has not been always appreciated. At the moment of transition in Legiju it was to nobody the known player. When the command departed on gathering to Austria, to David there was no place in the plane - the player has been compelled to reach 14 hours destination by the car. In Legii 15 - j command number quite often sat on a bench. It is not surprising that for the Warsaw club it has hammered in national superiority only in 9 goals in 42 meetings. It has not prevented it to become the champion of Poland - 2006 and the bronze prize-winner - 2007. The true glory to the attacking was brought by performances on international juniorskih tournaments. In the youthful World championship - 2007 in Canada Janchik has hammered in three goals (including to Brazilians and Argentineans) then has received the invitation in CSKA. stably spare
For half a year in CSKA of Janchik has managed to cause a stir only twice. On August, 8th it has opened the account in a match 1/ 8 cup-finals of Russia against himok (2:0). The second goal of the Pole became one of the high points of the past season: on September, 2nd on 94 - j to minute of a duel with Spartakom David has brought to the command a drawn game - 1:1. At the same time in the basic structure Janchik appeared only once in the championship of Russia - in a match 30 - go round against the Ruby . Even then it has spent in the field not all game. Dmitry Rogovitsky, specially for Total Football
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