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the Ruby one foot in one eighth

Salim Abdullin
Events round a match of League of Europe changed also quickly, as well as a situation during a match. Till last moment it was not clear: this game, in how many, where will take place. The Israelis who have arrived by a charter have rushed to measure air temperature. It was not below six degrees.
business was on Tuesday. And on Thursday it was necessary to play at - 16, yes not in nine, and in five evenings. For law and order protection it has been allocated almost two thousand employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. At first they watched mass procession of fans the Ruby from walls of a state university to football stadium, and have then got over on arena.
Hapoel has brought with itself some tens fans which bawled on training, and have then undressed on a belt on the game. Commands played a red ball, in collars of visitors there was a black goalkeeper ( the Ruby denies interest to Enjama). Exotic, in general, sufficed.
but most of all pleased productivity the Ruby . And not somebody, and the candidate for Alexander Buharova`s Russian national team. Though there has begun the forward in a peculiar manner for itself when has missed one certain moment. But then Sasha compensated all wholly. In Euro cups it has hammered in the first ball in Brazilian to a manner.
having received a ball from depth of a field, it has thrown it through the defender, left in private with the goalkeeper and probrosil to itself a ball on a course a head. The Nigerian has not dared to take down the contender in penal, being afraid of a penalty. And the goal has taken place.
it has been played all a quarter of hour. And there and then Buharov hammers still. But arbitrators fix position off side . It is necessary to note activity of the captain ruby Sergey Semak. It after its pass not included goal has taken place. Twice football players Hapoelja have broken on it rules.
After its falling on 4 - j to minute on dobivanii there was Muravski. But it has punched above gate. Then Sergey escaped in a separation, and Bondarv as it seemed from outside, has concerned the halfback. Episodes testified to a total failure visitors of a starting piece of a match.
certainly, the lawn for them was unusually rigid. But fast zabrosy a ball and high-speed separations of owners have unpleasantly surprised workers (so the club name) is translated. Representatives of the Earth Promised have got off on rough game in which result to them it has been shown two yellow cards, and halfback Ryazantsev has ahead of schedule left a field. Under the curtain of a duel has got on the person and Ansaldi.
to a break Buharov has issued a double, having put blow since the summer after srezki a ball the football player Hapoelja . Protection has again admitted a yawn . Two beautiful goals - about such could not dream, probably, and a attacking, finishing previous season with a hand trauma.
did not remain without the hammered ball and Semak. In this match it operated on a position under attacking on which one year ago played Alehandro Dominges. Buharov has laid out to it such pass after which the player of a national team could not miss. The ball was went in the right corner from the goalkeeper.
with one more moment of a command have pleased spectators on 80 - j to minute. Attack " follows; the Ruby Semak does zabros on Kasaeva. But the halfback has not time to process a ball. Counterattack there and then follows, visitors confidently enter into a penal platform of Russians. Blow of Zahavi under the crossbeam follows. By, but it is very disturbing.
it is definitive to finish visitors Gorbanets which have left on replacement could. But its blows have appeared wide of the mark. Hardly did not leave on a rendezvous with the goalkeeper tireless Semak. Citizens of Kazan have won a loud victory 3:0, whose football players have not earned any yellow card. Such result does by the favourite of a return match in Tel - Avive of the double champion of Russia.
theoretically such result recoups. It is necessary to hope for experience, which the Ruby has got in autumn campaign in League of champions. The duel in capital of Israel will take place on February, 25th.
a press - conference of trainers
Kurban Berdyev, the head coach the Ruby : There is a satisfaction from result, is satisfied by a functional condition of players. Though arose the dangerous moments when we were incorrectly reconstructed. It led to territorial advantage Hapoelju . We managed to neutralise its strengths. On a visit there will be very difficult game. Hapoel - a strong team .
Eli Gutman, the head coach Hapoelja : To a break the Ruby Has shown powerful game which has led to the hammered balls. It is a pity that after a break we did not manage to recoup. I spoke with the fourth arbitrator. Has asked: whether there is a sense to play such weather. He has answered: there is no sense, but there is an UEFA installation - to play Kazan. Was no place more to transfer the match .
League of Europe 09/ 10. 1/ 16 endings. The first match
the Ruby (Kazan, Russia) - Hapoel (Tel - Aviv, Israel) - 3:0 (2:0)
Goals: Buharov, 14, 23, Semak, 69.
Preventions: Jadin, 29, Bondarv, 37, Shish, 79, Ridder, 88.
on February, 18th 2010. Kazan. Stadium Central
the Ruby :
Saffron milk caps, Ansaldi, Salukvadze, Kaleshin, Navas, Semak, Muravski, Ryazantsev (Kasaev, 40), Karadeniz (Gorbanets, 88), Noboa, Buharov.
Hapoel : Enjama, Bondarv, Shish, Douglas, Badir, Vermouth, Menteshashvili (Zahavi, 46), Nacho, Jadin (Ridder, 74), Lala (Maare, 46), Shehter.
the Judge: Kollam (Scotland)