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D.Advokat: Zenith is going to recoup

On the threshold of a return match 1/ 8 UEFA Cup finals with Udineze the instructor Zenith Dik the Lawyer has declared that its command is going to recoup.

- as well as last year, the third official match of a season has turned back for Zenith your command operated with guest defeat in an UEFA Cup, and in both meetings not in the best way.
- And I do not agree that we have played Italy badly. Yes, in Marseilles we then looked awfully, but with Udineze supervised game and both balls have passed last five minutes. In France could lose and with larger account, but in Italy such was not. If not separate disputable decisions of the judge, we now would feel more comfortable.

- in what you see the reasons of defeat in Udine?
- I have already told about the judge who in any moments has proved not in the best way. Except an episode from a penalty, on its account some more punctures. But also we in Italy have admitted pair of individual errors that in aggregate with arbitration and has led to defeat with a difference in two balls.

- with Marseilles you managed to make a miracle. And what presentiments this time?
- Udineze - the contender uneasy, but at us a good command. I consider, we in a condition to recoup. We will be adjusted on a victory.

- already know, who will play on the right and in the protection centre on a place of disqualified Anjukova and Shirokov?
- Certainly, I know. When the match will begin, you learn also. To show all cards before game to me it would not be desirable.

- the Field in Peter till now not in the best condition. Whether it gives priority to someone?
- At us the command which loves and is able to play football. Not to struggle and be protected, namely to play - in a match with Spartakom you could be convinced of it. Both commands have spent good game and have shown nice football. On a good field to play and create easier. And here on a lawn of bad quality to operate in a counterattacking manner so if in it and there is for someone plus, only for Italians easier.

- that with Zyryanov? It in two matches misses absolute chances successively.
- it is impossible to hammer in All balls. It is football. Now Zyryanov does not hammer - means, will hammer then. Kostja - the fantastic football player! The slightest doubts in it are not present - it has my absolute trust. Our football begins with Zyryanov.

- and what will tell about Danni? On - to mine while it shows not absolutely what from it waited by experts.
- I Think, after a match with Spartakom similar questions have disappeared. It has spent tremendous game. As well as all command. I am completely confident each football player. But we cannot win each match! And it is necessary to us not to win, as conversations on this or that football player begin. Personally I in anybody was not disappointed: all who leaves in the field, justify my trust completely.

- Means, in last matches you simply spent structure rotation?
- Why? I do not resort to rotation.

- and how Semshov, Husti and Fajzulin which at you leave almost by turns?
- With Spartakom Husti and Semshov did not play, because I stake on half-backs of the sample of last year. Timoshchuk, Zyryanov and Denisov - players of excellent level, football players of national teams. Semshov - too, but I cannot after all in an average line instead of three players put at once all.

- but and Fajzulina you use Husti on a place right insajda.
- They the halfbacks, capable to operate on various positions.

- Fajzulin meanwhile considers itself as the player of the central zone and there, as he said, can bring to a command the maximum advantage.
- As I have already told, in the centre of half-backs at us a mad competition - all there I, understand, I will not put.
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