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Ziko: we will score a goal - we will pass further

Today in Donetsk and St.-Petersburg the further destiny of CSKA and " will dare; Zenith in the European campaign - 2008/ 09. Before a return match 1/ 8 UEFA Cup finals questions were answered with the head coach of capital club Ziko.

- As you regard chances of CSKA of an exit in an UEFA Cup quarterfinal?
- the House victory with the account 1:0 can be estimated on - to a miscellaneous. On the one hand, we have an advantage over the contender, let and minimum. With another, now it is necessary to act out of native walls. I will not begin to predict, as events as has got used to live realities will develop. Chances, certainly, at us are, and this main thing. I hope, CSKA will manage to extract the permit in the following stage.

- whether taking into account the advantage reached in Luzniki plan to play in a reciprocal meeting from defence? Or, how in all previous matches of a season, CSKA intends to offer the contender attacking football?
- I know one: if we score at least one goal practically for certain we will pass further. We, certainly, do not need to forget about care, but the command in any situation should be aimed at another`s gate. Remember our exit duel against Aston Country houses . Englishmen have tried to knock down us at once, however CSKA has damped their ardour fast counterattacks. Whether we can and in Donetsk to play in a similar manner, the big question. However, I dare to assure you, the command will pursue such aim.

- how be going to solve the problem which has arisen from - for disqualification of Zhirkova? In Donetsk Dzhaner will play?
- so. I trust this football player and I count that it will use the given chance.

- On two places in the centre of half-backs of applicants three - Shemberas, Mamayev and Aldonin. Who from them will play with the Miner ?
- Shemberas and Mamayev. Anticipating your following question, I will tell that on an attack edge Wagner Lav will operate, from depth it will be helped by Dzagoev.

- Wagner Lav has led the first match against champions of Ukraine with a small trauma that has not prevented it to score a victorious goal. He already has completely recovered?
- Yes, Wagner is perfectly in order. In a Sunday match against Saturn the attacking did not act, as earlier on it the big loading has dropped out. All these days he trained in Vatutinkah and is now ready for hundred percent.

- for a long time wanted to ask: why you are not afraid to declare a starting lineup long before a match? Many domestic experts do not do it as, as they said, do not want to help contenders.
- the Word of honour, I do not see here any problems. Extraction of the information at serious clubs is now put top-level, to conceal from competitors even fine details it is impossible. So what sense to hide from journalists and fans what they want to learn? If I have doubts concerning this or that position, I will fairly tell about it. On the other hand, I try to explain always the reasons on which someone from players does not get to structure.

- this time in a stock there is recovered Aldonin and Karvalju which have fine won back in Ramensky. Why you have made such decision?
- Aldonin is really already ready and can quite enter game on a meeting course. Same concerns and Karvalju, at which after a match with Saturn the foot a little ached a bit. For this reason of Daniel on Tuesday was engaged under the individual program.

- what about others injured?
- No changes are present. At present we cannot count on services of Rahimicha, Ramona and Rikardu Zhezusa.

- does not confuse, what a field in Donetsk, on an attestation of eyewitnesses, not better quality?
- And here on this theme I to a match never speak. I consider that the lawn is identical to both commands.

- in what see strong and weaknesses the Miner ?
- the Contender has got to us serious, of course. To me to liking philosophy of Donetsk club in which structure the football players loving and able to attack are collected. I will not hide, in the first 25 - 30 minutes of the Moscow match were necessary to us very uneasy. the miner owned the initiative, having deprived of us a ball. Later we could break a situation and the meeting rest have spent very well. Pressure, however, all the same remained till last minutes. It is good that gate in inviolability have kept.

- In Luzniki the Miner you with something has surprised?
- As we also assumed, at champions of Ukraine the leading role is played by legionaries. Thus the command is well organised and tries to impose the will to any opponent. The best characteristic the Miner - its exit victory over Barcelona in present draw of League of champions. To win on Nou Kamp in Euro cups if I am not mistaken, for a long time already it was possible to nobody.

- But in that match at Catalans did not play 12 leading football players. Whether it is possible to consider sound success in a duel which did not have any tournament value?
- Yes, the Leopard acted not as the best structure. But also those who then left in the field, still it was necessary to beat. Catalans are strong always, especially at home. However the Miner shows attacking football against any contender. So was, say, in matches with Tottenham which the Donetsk command has surpassed in all parametres. In general, it is possible to tell that present the Miner - a typical command of Mirchi Luchesku with which work I am perfectly familiar. To admit, I very much like its style. First of all he thinks of how to hammer, instead of, how not to pass.

- on Monday of CSKA will meet with Tom` then at a command there will come almost fortnight break. How you intend to spend it?
- I Plan for three days to fly to Brazil, to see grandsons. Then I will return to Moscow and together with seven football players who have not caused in national teams, I will begin preparation for April matches. First two days we will work over physical preparation, and then trainings will be game.
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