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To hammer in three and not to pass never (a preview to a match Zenith - Udineze )

to Angelina Hazan
to Say that loss Zenith to Italian Udineze with account 0 - has surprised 2 nobody, it would be completely not correct. After events, still fresh in our memory (victories pitertsev in an UEFA Cup and Russian bronze in the European championship) on international scene Russians look at performances of domestic clubs in advance optimistically. And if to expect constant victories in easy while it is impossible, fans usually wait at least for worthy game as equals with commands from the Old World. Therefore after CSKA prize in a match against the Miner it would be desirable and was had a presentiment good performance Zenith .
But the first game on a visit at the Italian club not so impressing in this season to players from coast of Neva, frankly speaking, it is not has gone right. Italians both attacked it is more, and were protected more confidently and more reliably, and with realisation of the moments at them it was better that, in general - that, and was displayed on a board after a final whistle. Certainly, two goals in the end of the second time for any command it is similar to blow by a butt on a head. Therefore Zenith leaving Udine, it was obvious in the depressed mood. Anatoly Timoshchuk has passed an opinion recently on that match: Ourselves are guilty that so happens. It is necessary to search first of all for errors in itself . Words of Dika of the Lawyer on predmatchevoj a press - the conferences, told with a smile were remembered also: If we lose, it will be possible to write off all on insufficient physical preparation if we win it will be possible to tell that we were well prepared . Well, we will admit, we will write off on insufficient physical preparation in the season beginning. Also we will take into consideration that chance to recoup houses at Zenith is not simply because The chance is always .
In - the first, there are external factors. So, weather in Russia in whole and in St.-Petersburg in particular now not the most habitual for the Italian sportsmen (in day of a match the expected temperature of air - a minus 1 - a minus of 4 degrees). The field for them too can seem not bottom absolutely convenient for their favourite game. Adaptation of the Italians who have got used to warm weather will occupy time and can bring down their habitual game rate, on as the Petersburg fans hope.
it is possible to count and that now pitertsy were already a little played, having acted in the first morning of the Championship of Russia - 2009. Probably, game Zenith against Spartaka someone has not so strongly pleased, and to some has seemed and at all economy of forces before a reciprocal meeting against Udineze but, nevertheless, the match in Moscow was good check before game on Petrovsky . However, game negative sides pitertsev in a match against it is red - white in comparison with game against Udineze anywhere do not share, and the Lawyer should make a hard choice, forming a starting lineup on a match against Italians. That Zenith today`s quite logically concedes to Zenith the sample of April - May, 2008, obviously, and hardly it could be differently. Also has put here in many factors: both season start, and absence of Arshavina (whatever you may say, about this key there is player sine - it is white - blue - kreativshchike it is impossible to forget commands, especially in this the first for Zenith a season without Andrey), and not patched holes in a defence zone (aggravated after incident with the Novel Shirokov in a meeting with Udineze ) .
By the way, defence Zenith - perhaps, the most problem for today a command zone. In an infirmary two defenders - Tomash Gubochan and Nicolas Lomberts. Are disqualified Alexander Anjukov and whether the defender, whether the halfback the Novel Shirokov. At Udineze too there is one loss in defensive usages - Mauritsio Domitstsi is disqualified. But four against one - fight on losses the unequal. Though protection Udineze at all it is not considered impassable, even incorporating the basic players. A code - it is far not the fastest defender, Sapatu has more got used to play on the right, rather than in the centre where it will be directed, most likely, by the trainer in Peter.
additional difficulty with which for certain to face sine - it is white - blue there is a psychological pressure - it is necessary to play only on a zero. To pass a ball - means, actually to say goodbye to an UEFA Cup in this season. Despite it, football players Zenith in interview unanimously repeat what to pass Udineze quite really. As the captain pitertsev, " has told; the main thing - to play on a zero and to try to hammer in a fast ball. All depends on that, we will show how much high-speed football in attack and however manevrenno we will move .
Is and factors are more positive - Timoshchuk after the trauma of an edge received in a match with " has had time to be restored; Spartakom . Tickets for game almost all are sold (there were 2000 treasured leaflets), and it means that noise support to a command of Dika of the Lawyer is provided. And to fans the interesting show - the present struggle of characters, which as all of us hope, " is provided; Zenith will sustain.
As though we respected the Italian football (in advance I am sorry about fans appeninskogo style of game), but we will wish the Russian club to beat out from Euro cups last Italian team which has remained there though will make it very much and very difficult.
an UEFA Cup 08/ 09. 1/ 8 endings. A return match
Zenith (Russia) - Udineze (Italy)
Russia. St.-Petersburg. Stadium Petrovsky . 20 - 30 Moscow time
the First match - 0:2