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the Miner has beaten out CSKA from Euro cups

Angelina Hazan

Before a return match the Miner - CSKA of the head coach of soldiers of Brazilian Ziko have filled up with questions on chances of a command to pass further, pamjatuja about a nice eurocup history of CSKA. On all questions of Ziko preferred to keep silent, asserting that not begins to predict, as events as has got used to live realities, but chances will develop, certainly, at us is, and this main thing . Really, at victorious account 1 - 0 in Moscow the hassle accompanying preparation for the match Petersburg Zenith CSKA has not concerned. But on a visit nobody cancelled a maximum of concentration and aiming at a goal. A problem at it is red - dark blue was as much as possible simple under the formulation. But in practice all has appeared much, much more difficult.
In a starting lineup in comparison with the first match there was a logical change. Instead of disqualified Zhirkova there was Dzhaner. In half-backs Shemberas and Mamayev, flank Krasich appeared. Aldonin remained in a stock. On an attack edge have been put forward Wagner Lav and helping it from depth Alan Dzagoev.
the Match has begun with attacks the Miner that, in general - that, became the main tendency throughout all game. The first dangerous moments at gate of Akinfeeva have arisen on the very first minutes. Dangerous penal on the centre have punched miners but have got to a wall (to gate was metres 18). One minute soldiers later have answered: Dzagoev struck good blow on the right in a far corner. But the goalkeeper orange Pjatov has stood at attention and has reached a shell, having prevented threat.
on an outcome of the first ten-minute there was obvious a small advantage the Miner and character of game has appeared quite predicted: Ukrainians podnaseli, and CSKA has counted on counterattacks which as subsequently it has appeared, were not strong from - for absence of high-grade sharp left flank.
on 10 minute has very much carried CSKA: the ball from the centre has been forwarded to the left corner of penal Akinfeeva. The dangerous lumbago from Srna in the centre penal Therefrom has followed. One of miners has flown by by, and Smooth on a distant bar under the care of the defender it was ready to close transfer, but has not reached a ball. On 13 minute Krasich has missed excellent possibility for blow: having received in a penal ball and having before itself a bonded area, the Serb has not managed to process a ball.
one more tendency of game Is planned. Ukrainians play all time under the standard scheme: the ball from depth of a field is delivered on the centre to distance approximately metres 25 from gate and is forwarded to the right on running player to struggle. We will notice that as the opponent of the running young Shchennikov whom Ukrainians try to press through acts. CSKA is compelled to play, in the meantime, counterattacks which it is not possible to organise half-backs line. Ukrainians very well put pressure and cling to a ball at carrying out from penal CSKA.
on an outcome of 24 minutes mini - the miracle was created by Akinfeev. The leaving ball twisting in a far corner, our goalkeeper has had time to beat off literally finger-tips. Angular has not brought dividends to miners .
Has passed game half an hour, and the impression that " was made; the Miner will surprisingly easily neutralise all attempts of CSKA to operate at least is minimum dangerously. Even it is difficult to remember CSKA blows on collars of Pjatova in the first time. And here at the Miner attack follows attack. And all goes from the right flank. Activity Zhadson show, Adrianu and Fernandinju with Smooth.
on 33 minute Akinfeev again gains. Adrianu has received a ball at approaches to vratarskoj and only by miracle has not managed to push a ball by the goalkeeper of CSKA who feet has returned a ball. CSKA has begun game on carrying out . the Miner forces pressure. Here already and Ziko has seriously become nervous: for a minute does not sit down on a trainer`s bench, the person is disturbed. At business CSKA are not glued at all. Game has completely moved on half of field of soldiers. Ukrainians are extremely active. Only in the end of the first time of CSKA could break through blockade and transfer game is more subcentral fields.
the second time of serious changes has not revealed. the miner constantly in attack that could not pass completely. On 53 minute active Fernandinju earns fair a penalty (Mamayev who was late for the football player) has taken down the player, which itself and realises. Akinfeev has truly rushed to the right corner from itself, but blow was very exact and strong, without chances for the goalkeeper. 1 - 0 in favour of the Ukrainian team.
on 55 minute Smooth could double the account. It on swing has easily cleaned Berezutsky after readable transfer from the centre, but blow at the Ukrainian has been blocked by the defender though to gate was all steam of metres. Angular has been played unsuccessfully. At CSKA attack in the same stupor.
Ziko applies measures and lets out instead of not so appreciable Dzagoeva Aldonina, and instead of Dzhanera Karvalju not entered in game. CSKA is still pressed to own collars.
on 69 minute owing to a pass through all field from own gate the ball has received remained under the care of all one defender Fernandinju who has escaped on a rendezvous with Akinfeevym. The goalkeeper has rushed to feet to the player and without infringement of rules has beaten out a ball, thus having brought down Fernandinju which have flown away almost to collars. Any penalty: all by rules.
but on 70 minute and Akinfeev has admitted a miss: at the left hung Fernandinju, Igor has unsuccessfully played on an exit. round has got to Adrianu who has not failed to seize the moment and has pushed a ball in empty gate. 2 - 0.
On - the former one goal separates CSKA from an UEFA Cup quarterfinal. But here at the expense of what it is possible to hammer in it? Only on 75 minute soldiers in person Karvalju and Wagner have arranged any similarity of attack. Blow and is not present. No less than Wagner who is not swept up absolutely not.
Luchesku changes Zhadsona for Ilsino, and Ziko - Mamayev on Ryzhov.
on 77 minute the most dangerous moment: the account nearly did not become 3 - 0. After draw angular performed by Croat Srna Levandovski closed riding giving. The ball has jumped aside from a rough lawn and has flown by near to a bar. Akinfeev it would be powerless, pass a ball on metre more to the right. The match stands out very strained and nervous. Already not to remember, a code it is red - dark blue last time so blankly looked against supermotivirovannogo and, perhaps, the contender equal in a class.
on 83 minute leaves a field one of key players of a match of Adrianu, instead of it there is Seleznev. In the meantime, CSKA all as is lost in attack. Where Wagner Lav who had a rest during the first round of the championship of Russia? Ryzhov strains to be in action, but it does not bring fruits. Fussing attack of soldiers, characteristic for losing commands towards the end of a match begins. But high-grade final storm all - taki is not present.
Three added expire minute, during which time of Luchesku plays for time tactical replacement last seconds.
a final whistle. And CSKA says goodbye to present draw of an UEFA Cup. Unfortunately, game in Donetsk became one of the most unsuccessful meetings of CSKA for long time: the command looked frankly dimly, having ceased to be week prescription similar to. Guilty to name difficult. Claims to Ziko to show, probably, not correctly. Attack of soldiers was not creative today and consequently is easily neutralised, and defence could not sustain 90 minutes of a pressure of Ukrainians. As the resume - the deserved victory the Miner And annoying defeat of CSKA, not managed anything to oppose to initially equal contender on forces.
an UEFA Cup. 1/ 8 endings. Return matches
the Miner (Ukraine) - CSKA (Russia) - 2:0 (0:0)
Goals: Fernandinju, 53 - a penalty,   Adrianu, 70
the First match - 0:1
the Miner : Pjatov, Ishchenko, the Driver, Shevchyuk, Srna, Zhadson (Ilsinju, 77), Duljaj, Levandovski, Fernandinju (Villian, 90+3), Luis Adrianu (Seleznev, 83), Smooth
CSKA: Akinfeev, A.Berezutsky, V.Berezutsky, Ignashevich, Shchennikov, Krasich, Shemberas, Mamayev (Ryzhov, 76), Dzhaner Erkin (Aldonin, 67), Dzagoev (Daniel Karvalju, 67), Wagner Lav