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K.Berdyev: In an ending it was possible to operate better

the Head coach Kazan the Ruby Kurban Berdyev after a return match 1/ 8 endings of League of Europe against German Wolfsburg come to the end with a victory wolves with the account 2:1, named absence of good luck of one of the main reasons of defeat of the command. We will remind that the home team has hammered in solving ball one minute prior to extra time end.
that has not sufficed us for final success? In dvuhmatchevom opposition of two equal contenders good luck has turned to a German command. As to our self-return in a game ending here it would be possible to operate and it is better - the instructor " has declared; the Ruby .
Why the Ruby in an ending operated not so actively? We did not have a possibility to strengthen attack. However, it all talk and no action - has added Kurban Berdyev.
the Halfback of Kazan club Makbet Sibajja also has commented on defeat of the Russian club. we are very disappointed by result. We have given to this game everything that could, have shown, on what are capable. If not removal in an overtime, maybe, business has reached a series poslematchevyh a penalty, and there who knows, all is possible. But we have lost to very good command - gives of a word of Sibajja the Soviet sports .