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The Lithuanian businessman has proposed about purchase Tom`

the Lithuanian businessman Vladimir Romanov has proposed about purchase Tom` at a meeting in administration of the Tomsk region. The businessman has carried on corresponding negotiations with governor of the region Victor Kressom, its assistant Vladimir Samokishem and the general director of club Yury Stepanovym.
we Will remind that   Vladimir Romanov already asked the price of two Russian football clubs - to Saturn and Tver to Volga but for various reasons transactions have not taken place. As informs Sports. ru, the businessman is now in Tomsk and intends to visit a Sunday meeting of a command with Kuban .
to the Lithuanian businessman already belong   4 commands,   from them three football clubs -   Lithuanian Kaunas Belarus the Guerrilla and Scottish Harts and also basketball club   Zhalgiris .
By estimations of some business papers,   bank Ukio founder is the owner of a condition in   500 million dollars.