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Rostov shows a sting

Vitaly Chubko
8 - j round of the Russian championship on football came to the end with a meeting in Rostov-on-Don. Warm solar weather and a fine lawn of stadium the Olympus - 2 - all specified that commands can prove to be from the best parties. Despite huge rupture between contenders in standings, rostovchane last years - it is enough inconvenient the opponent for soldiers of Moscow. And, in spite of the fact that Valery Gazaeva`s command obviously was the favourite of this meeting, Sergey Balahnina`s wards also have been adjusted to squeeze out for themselves a maximum possible of a match with one of leaders of the championship to strengthen the enough shaky position.
Trinadtsatitysjachnyj the Olympus - 2 for half an hour prior to the beginning of game already has been almost hammered to the full - one only fans of CSKA on guest and the sectors next to it was present to one and a half thousand persons. Fans Rostov guessed, as occurrence of its new talisman will be reflected in results of game of favourite club - is yellow - a dark blue wasp, the huge banner with which image has been some times stretched on east tribune of stadium.
first minutes of a match could seem that game will proceed under the traditional scheme: the eminent club - the leader will be to press owners occasionally snapping by counterattacks to their collars. tehnichnye army Brazilians - the most serious threat to defence of any command, however defenders Rostov have appeared are ready to this severe test. Ramonu it was not possible to break through Veshtitsu reliably insuring each other and Bendzja. However it has appeared that rostovchane are not going to sit out in defence. The intercepted ball there and then went on half of visitors in search of Pjanovicha or Kanendy, however to an attack Rostov here it was necessary is unsweetened in struggle against powerful defenders of CSKA. Pjanovichu did not allow time to process received balls, and feints of Kanendy were ineffective without support of partners on command.
on the tenth minute Zho dangerous enough blow has tried to realise earned by Ramonom penal, however Gerus has confidently stopped this attempt. In general game of the goalkeeper of owners this match deserves the appreciation. Some minutes to it were possible to strike away later one more dangerous blow of Zho, it is closer to the middle of a time has easy coped with canopies in penal and even has slightly damped Wagner`s ardour, trying to be in time to a ball earlier and the goalkeeper who has come across a foot Rostov .
Reciprocal actions rostovchan have forced popotet army defence. After blows of Osinova and Veshtitsy it was necessary to enter game to Igor Akinfeevu, Shemberasu was necessary folit on Kanende, and Aldonin has earned the first a mustard plaster in a match for a rough pulling down of Dantseva which already have almost escaped from it on an edge of a field. However game in an attack at Rostov it was not got on, distant blows did not achieve the object, and Pjanovichu was not possible dispose of a received ball in any way competently. For it the home team hardly has not paid: like not so strong, but exact blow of Zho from the right corner of a penal platform - and a ball, having missed each other with hands of Gerusa extended in a jump, meets the left bar of its gate and it is rolled away in the field almost lengthways ribbons whence it is taken out by the appeared in time defender. Some confusion in the ranks of players Rostov Kanenda receives a yellow card for a pulling down of Ramona, soldiers will organise some penal and angular Gerusa at gate, however that plays reliably - and rate of game calms down. Last minutes a time were remembered by a beautiful feint of Kanendy, trying to escape from Rahimicha who has been compelled to go for rough infringement, and attempt of visitors to translate game on half of field of owners that it was possible to them, but notable results has not brought.
On the second time of a command left without replacements, but it was visible that work as trainers in a break has been spent the thorough. Soldiers again press the home team to their penal, Ramon is active, sharply Zhirkov together with him tries to play. At rostovchan Kalachev unexpectedly became more active, whose counterattack is interrupted with Alexey Berezutsky, headings at Pjanovicha again do not turn out. Then the initiative passes to Muscovites. Ramon, having wound two defenders Rostov the goalkeeper of the Rostov command on a place earns dangerous penal at the line of a penal platform of gate of owners, but after blow of Zho. One minute later Zho has again an opportunity to hammer - a pass of Aldonina finds him left without supervision of defenders Rostov directly in the penal area of Gerusa, to which does not remain anything, except how to rush in feet to the Brazilian. Blow has had in the goalkeeper, to the jumped aside ball of Zho was in time earlier - but again could not throw the goalkeeper rostovchan. But the third possibility bombardir soldiers nevertheless realised, having reached a riding ball and having managed to throw it through Gerusa who have rushed to it.
On guest sector are lighted fajery, the song " sounds; We have arrived to win also it would seem - other outcome of a match already difficultly to present. Soldiers continue to attack, and though some blows of Zhirkova are again parried by the goalkeeper Rostov obviously feel masters of the situation. The match turning-point comes, when in organised rostovchanami counterattack after giving of Kalacheva Akinfeevu should enter single combat with Pjanovichem. Inviolability of gate manages to be rescued, and here it was not possible to be saved to the goalkeeper of visitors, it is traumatised and asks replacements. Its place in collars is occupied with Mandrykin. Next five minutes in the field goes rigid, and at times even frankly rough game - Shemberas exchanges fouls with Kanendoj, and it receives a yellow card for the, then Zhirkov roughly drives in a foot of Omeljanchuku, on what Kalachev answers rigid podkatom under Ramona. These fireworks mustard plasters occurs between two replacements - at owners of Burchenko leaves in the field instead of got a bit tired Dantseva, and at visitors of Odia replaces victim Ramona.
Vyhod Burchenko has considerably strengthened game rostovchan. After pair angular at their gate action passes to half of field of Muscovites. Mandrykin confidently enough reflects blow of Pjanovicha, few times Vasily Berezutsky reliably plays, but after one of the moments at gate of soldiers the ball is cut off from a foot of Mandrykina and hardly does not fly in its gate. Probably, this episode has forced to be fidgety defenders of CSKA because in a minute in enough harmless situation Vasily Berezutsky so rigidly meets Bochkova that the body of the Rostov football player to a meeting with a lawn makes a complete revolution in air. The soldier receives a red card, and Flanks, after fluent survey of doctors, to the applause of tribunes limping comes back in the field. Rostov receives quite real chance to recoup and there and then it realises - standard draw, transfer of Veshtitsy along gate of visitors - and Pjanovich before all is in time to a ball, a head driving it in a grid. The account is compared, 1:1 on 86 - j to minute. Strangely enough, it obviously does not arrange neither that, nor other command, and despite last minutes - rate of game does not decrease. Unique attempt of soldiers to throw Wagner in counterattack has been interrupted to Veshtitsej which have earned a yellow card, but last minutes a match and time added by the judge players Rostov Over and over again directed to collars of the contender - alas, without results.
a press - conference of trainers:
Sergey Balahnin, the head coach Rostov :
- We have almost completely executed installation on game, having shown good movement. The episode with a goal in our gate became a unique exception. In general at us games from CSKA turn out entertainment. It is a pity only that today have not won.
- this drawn game for you is equivalent to a victory?
- Know, if before a match somebody has offered me a drawn game, probably, would agree. But, how there was a game, it would be quite possible and to win.
Valery Gazzayev, the head coach of CSKA:
- I am satisfied by game. Unfortunately, we were fine prevented by two traumas: Ramon too has left a field forcedly. As a result ten minutes of active actions have allowed to Rostov to even up scores. And the last 80 minutes I am happy both command game, and actions of each player separately.

Rosgosstrakh - the Championship of Russia. The prime minister - league. 8 - j round. On May, 6th
Rostov (Rostov-on-Don) - CSKA (Moscow) - 1:1 (0:0)
Goals: Pjanovich, 86 - Zho, 57
Preventions: Kanenda, 34, Kalachev, 72, Veshtitsa, 90 - Aldonin, 20, Rahimich, 41, Shemberas, 69, Zhirkov, 71
Removals: V.Berezutsky, 85
on May, 6th 2007. 19:00. Rostov-on-Don. Stadium the Olympus - 2
Rosto : Gerus, Omeljanchuk, Veshtitsa, Bendz, Krushchich, Dantsev (Burchenko, 70), Flanks, Osinov, Kalachev, Kanenda, Pjanovich
CSKA: Akinfeev (Mandrykin, 66), V.Berezutsky, Shemberas, And. Berezutsky, Krasich, Aldonin, Rahimich, Ramon (Odia, 73), Zhirkov, Zho, Wagner Lav (Grigoriev, 87)
the Judge: Alexander Yevstigneyev (Queens)