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UEFA has awarded winners Fejr Plej

Since a season of UEFA before last helps the countries which follow a principle Fejr plej . Clubs from the countries in which players try to operate within the limits of rules receive the permit in the European tournament.
the selection system follows in operating image. During the national championships across all Europe the statistics how much in this or that country football rules are observed is conducted. The set of factors is considered. The country occupies thus absolutely not very well, what place in the table of factors.
the first place in the honourable list was occupied with Belarus. The leader national Fejr plej Slavija from Mozyrja has already provided to itself a place in League of champions that is why the prize was received by a command the Miner from Sodigorska who in a national rating was the second.
Besides 11 more countries participated in a toss-up which should define two more participants of an UEFA Cup. From known clubs in it participated English Newcastle and Swiss Ksamaks . However the victory as well as was gained two years ago by club from Finland. MjuPa from Anjanalakoski has received the permit in a preliminary round of the eurotournament second for the importance. One more place has got to Slovaks. In this country the championship is not finished yet that is why the name of the lucky beggar will be defined later.
the Madrid club " should become the Example for owners of prizes; Rajo Valekano which has received an award from the European football union last year and has reached an UEFA Cup quarterfinal.
unfortunately, Russia has not got to number of the countries which applied for three prize-winning places. Last year in a toss-up participated Novorossisk CHernomorets but good luck has turned away from the Russian club.