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Lippi - back in Juventus ?

the President Juventus Dzhanni Anelli has hinted that the present trainer of club Karlo Anchelotti will leave a team in this summer. On its place Marcello Lippi should come. In the answer of Anchelotti has told that is going to remain in club before the contract expiration, that is for a year. For the first time since there were hearings about returning in JUve Lippi, Anelli has given them any comments. Lippi has refused to head Barcelona having declared that wants to remain in Italy.
Anelli on Tuesday has told: Memoirs on that time when in a command Lippi worked, are very pleasant, that is why I do not reject idea about its returning. Anchelotti? Well, to me always happens it is a pity, when someone leaves them Juventus after good work. However while all is hearings. And the one who dismisses them, pursues the aim to heat conditions. You, journalists, sometimes seem are more informed, than I - has declared Anelli.
Anchelotti, in turn, has informed that hearings about its leaving from Juventus have under itself no any bases. at me everything is all right in relations with club. Hearings specially dismiss newspapers. I do not think that there will be something contradicting conditions of my contract. All is links of one chain. Newspapers dismiss hearings about my leaving, Milan dismisses hearings about purchase of Filippo Indzagi. All it only heats conditions - the trainer " has told; Juventus .
Kontrakt Anchelotti has been prolonged in February of this year. On its conditions, the trainer will receive in a following season of 750 000 pounds sterling. Besides, it will receive additional 350 000, if JUve Will win League of champions, 300 000 in case of a victory in the championship of Italy, 170 000 if the command gets to League of champions and as much in case of a prize of the Cup of Italy.