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Other command at us really is not present (the announcement of a match Switzerland - Russia)

One command. Another at us is not present . So advertising of a football match Switzerland - Russia on ORT channel sounds. Well, it is necessary to agree that other Russian national team at us really is not present.
And after all all any 4 months all Russian public was ready to carry the head coach of a national team Valery Gazzayev on hands. Russian national team has finished 20 century and has entered in 21 - j .
Has entered so, it would not be desirable what to remember. Neither Shkoder, nor Tbilisi. In both these matches there was an impression that Russia does not have any command, and there is a group of the rather average players, ready to prove only at level of ours not the strongest championship. As in a joke: worse our hockey only our football .
However to criticise always it is simple. And here Valery Gazzayev should think what to do further. Here our head coach also continues to experiment structure, having invited this time three new players in a national team - Bystrova, Bulykina and Kovtun. Will be entered - all will congratulate him on skilful selection. Will not be entered - will accuse of all sins. And that Alenichev did not take, and that with Bridge has not persuaded Karpin.
for Russian national team the main thing now - result. In Switzerland in any way it is impossible to lose. Game on result in this season - the main line gazzaevskogo CSKA. Game like not bright, but a command on 8 points advances competitors. So and in Europe. That Sankt Jacob in Basel has reminded the instructor of a national team the Samara stadium the Metallurgist .
However a present national team of Switzerland - not a command cheese-making or watch factory. It is sound harmonious collective in which and a hint does not remain on that disorder and swaying which were in a command in 2001 (then Russian national team has beaten Swisses with account 4 - 0). The head coach of a command Jacob Kun has got rid of scandals by which last months stay in modular Entso Trossero were accompanied. Is not present more otkaznikov, doing not wish to work for the common cause blessing. Also there was a result. A guest victory over Ireland, defeat of Slovenia in a companionable match. And in Albania Swisses have not lost.
it is possible to forget about that command in which Vega, with Sfortsa and Shapjuiza shone already. It on change other players have come. Those which have closed to us road on the youth European championship in ill-starred game in Ramensky. And have then got to the four of the best of this championship. Many with horror remember till now Rikardo Kabanjasa and Louis Manina.
Except talented youth there is still a whole layer of players from Basel - a command which are doing many noise in League of champions and assiduously bought up by the best clubs of Europe. In Russian national team of players Spartaka Except Kovtun anybody is not present, but for certain Yury will in detail tell to the partners, who such Mario Kantaluppi, Murat and Hakan Jakiny, Marko Tsvissig, Bernd Haas.
well and skilled players of the team do not need representation. Stefan Ansho from English Liverpool the champion of France Patrick Muller, the champion of Holland Johan Fogel, the bronze prize-winner of the championship of France Mario Chelestini.
in general, Switzerland has a command, there is a first place in group, there are mad fans at stadium Sankt - Jacob in Basel. And we have a hope that Russian national team nevertheless will remember those advance payments which gave to it in September, 2002.
rough structure of Russian national team. The version pda. sport. ru
Ovchinnikov - A.Berezutsky, Ignashevich, Evsikov - Aldonin, Smertin, Yanovsky, Gusev, Karjaka, Semak - Bulykin