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Cup RFPL has reached a semi-final

three semifinalists of Cup RFPL Were defined. In the following circle of tournament following the results of two matches have made the way Zenith SHinnik and capital a Torpedo .
Capital Spartak played name stadium Net against Petersburg Zenith . The first game at stadium Petrovsky has come to the end with account 1 - 0 in favour of a command from coast of Neva. Spartak left in the field in the weakened structure. For it is red - white did not play injured Pavlenko and Pavljuchenko, and also Yury Kovtun who has gone to Switzerland as a part of a national team.
on a meeting course Spartak owned advantage. zenith has constructed the game on counterattacks. And though in the first time pitertsam it was possible to play on a zero, at the very beginning of the second time Muscovites managed to hammer. Danishevsky it was noted by very beautiful goal which can quite apply for a rank of one of the best in this season. In some minutes Vashchuk could double advantage Spartaka after draw free.
however to translate game in an extra time Spartaku it was not possible. After removal a rough foul of Samedova Zenith has gone to recoup and as a result has achieved the - Vladislav Radimov has caused a stir. Football players and fans Zenith rejoiced so, as if have won the Cup of Russia. Total account 1 - 1 has deduced in the following circle of football players from St.-Petersburg.
Yaroslavl SHinnik has managed to make what has not made Spartak . Having lost the first match to the Rotor with account 0 - 1, the command from an ancient Russian city in reciprocal game has won with account 2 - 0. The double was made by the Czech legionary Kuharzh.
At last capital a Torpedo Has won basic opposition at a Torpedo - the Metallurgist . The solving ball has been hammered one minute prior to a game of basic time.
Spartak - Zenith 1:1
Goals: Danishevsky, 55 - Radimov, 73
Joint account 1:2
Shinnik - the Rotor 2:0
Goals: Kuharzh, 31, 51
Joint account: 2:1
a Torpedo - a Torpedo - the Metallurgist 4:2
Goals: Leonchenko, 16, Zyryanov, 61, 77, Samusevas, 89 - Slavnov, 55, Nikitin, 86
Joint account 4:3