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Spaniards were defined with structure on a match against Russians

Contenders of Russian national team on a group stage of the European championship, Portugueses and Spaniards, have gone on the way which is chosen usually by German national team: in last companionable match before large tournament to play with the weak contender for certain to win and by that to guarantee to itself normal psychological conditions in a command before tournament start.
Spaniards have chosen to themselves in contenders a national team of Andorra from which have consulted, naturally, without effort.
in the first time of Injaki Saes has let out structure which, most likely, will appear in the field in a starting match of the European championship against Russian national team. The first 25 minutes Andorra which has sent in defence of 11 persons, beat off, but then all - taki has passed a goal: Morentes has received a pass from Barahi and has sent a ball in a grid. For Morentesa this goal became 22 - m in 33 - h matches for a national team.
before a break Spaniards have doubled the account. Chema Garsija has brought down in penal Raul, and Baraha undertook to execute a penalty. Goalkeeper Koldo Alvares has reflected the first blow, but the halfback Valencia the first was in time on dobivanie.
In a break of Saes has spent nine replacements, and that structure which has appeared in the field in the second time, that played the first looked better, than. The goalkeeper " debuted in a national team; Athletics Daniel Aransubia, which, as well as Kanisares with Kasiljasom (the goalkeeper Valencia left in the field on 30 - j to minute of the first time), has defended on a zero.
the central defender Deportivo Sezar has scored the third goal on 64 - j to minute, having punched a head after giving of the angular. And for a minute till the end of a match one more player galisijskogo club Valeron has established the definitive has rescued, having transformed into a goal grazed Havi.
the First time for us has turned out heavy, but in the second we looked already better as halfbacks " have strongly played; - has declared after a match of Saes.
Spain - Andorra 4:0
Goals: Morentes, 24, Baraha, 45, from a penalty, Sezar, 64, Valeron, 89
Spanish national team Structure: Kasiljas (Kanisares, 30, Aransubia, 61), Pujol (Gabri, 46), Marchena (Sezar, 46), Elgera (Guterres, 46), Raul Bravo (Kapdevila, 46), Albelda (Havi Alonso, 46), Baraha (Havi, 46), Etcheverrija (Hoakin, 46), Raul (Valeron, 46), Onions, Morentes (Fernando Torres, 46)