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Skolari it is dissatisfied with the halfbacks

Portuguese national team in the last before the European championship a companionable match on the home field accepted Lithuanians. Unlike Spaniards who have approximately equal two structures, Portugueses can brag of only strong starting lineup: the difference in a class between a basis and a stock is appreciable enough.
however, with a problem win a team like the Lithuanian national team can to consult and spare players of Portuguese national team. In the first time of a match in the field there were those football players who will play in the basic structure in the European championship, in the second Luis Felipe Skolari has made nine replacements and has let out doublers, but it has not prevented Portugueses in each of times to hammer on two goals.
the account in a match already on the fourth minute has opened Fernando Koutu. The captain of Portuguese national team has come on giving angular which Luish carried out the Fig, and has successfully punched a head.
On 13 - j the high class has shown to minute of a match Pedro Pauleta. The forward PSZH has received a ball from goalkeeper Rikardu, has passed with it through all field and has struck with 30 - ti metres. The goal has turned out extremely beautiful.
Donatas Ventsevichus has won back one goal for 15 minutes till the end of a match, but Portugueses accepted only a victory with the large account, and they have achieved it. Nunu Gomesh has oriented with the first in penal after Lithuanians have lost a ball, and has scored the third goal, and then Poshtiga has jumped out left two defenders sponsoring it, and a head has sent in a grid of the Lithuanian gate the fourth ball.
at us still is over what to work. While I do not accept work of halfbacks - has declared Skolari.
Portugal - Lithuania 4:1
Goals: Koutu, 4, Pauleta, 13, Nunu Gomesh, 80, Poshtiga, 90 - Ventsevichus, 73
Portuguese national team Structure: Rikardu, Ferrejra (Migel, 57), Ruj George (Nunu Valente, 45), Koutu (Karvalju, 45), George Andrade (Betu, 70), Koshtinja (Tjago, 63), the Brevier (Manishe, 45), the Fig (Ronaldu, 63), Ruj of the Money (to the Deck, 45), Simau (Nunu Gomesh, 45), Pauleta (Poshtiga, 58)