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Valery Shmarov: Hiddink will not help our national team

Valery Shmarov - the well-known football player Moscow “ Spartaka “ which has much played abroad, and poetomuneploho understands tendencies modern evropejskogofutbola. He has agreed to comment predstojashchijchempionat the world in Germany, and also has told about that, chemzanimaetsja now.
Few days remain prior to the beginning of the World championship, ikazhdyj mundial is remembered by the unique atmosphere. You know German football firsthand, can tell, how Germans are ill?
I played “ Karlsruhe “ and in this small town there lives bolshajarusskaja diaspora. Therefore on tribunes was multicompatriots for whom even have allocated otdelnyjsektor. They came to support me and Kirjakova, poetomumne Russian posters ivykriki, first of all, were remembered. As to Germans it is very passionate ipredannye fans who always worry for svojukomandu, and even if she plays worse the contender, vsegdapodderzhivajut it, drive forward and in no event neaplodirujut to another`s players. The full stadium painted vtsveta of a command is, of course, tremendous show. poetomuuveren that the World championship in Germany will be remembered by all.
for certain remained are not indifferent to German football, chtozhdete from a command of Jurgena Klinsmana?
Certainly, German football has not left me indifferent. AjUrgana Klinsmana I saw as - that on a farewell match of RajanaShutlera. I have been pleasantly surprised, when Klinsman has approached komne and has told “ Greetings, Valery “. He the good expert, and jahochu to wish it successes. Not a secret that Germans vsegdadistsiplinirovanny also are mobilised for each match, therefore unih there will be an equal, stable command, can be not bright, but very strong. I think that at the expense of discipline etojsbornoj quite on forces to reach the ending. Whether
maintain relations with somebody from nemetskihigrokov?
the language barrier prevents to Communicate, therefore podderzhivatotnoshenija it is impossible. But when it is visible, objazatelnozdorovaemsja. Last time that I was in Germany, pokruzhke beer have drunk almost with all.
you have already told about known German discipline. Whether it was possible such that the player criticised the trainer, kaketo occurs at us?

Certainly, no. In - the first, all similar nuances are registered vkontrakte, and in - the second, the problem of the player not kritikovatnastavnika and to perform the work. In my life was takojepizod, when in the first year of my stay in “ Karlsruhe “ the command lost all successively, and the trainer all time nampovtorjal: “ arbajten! “ “ kempfen! “ - that means “ to work “ “ to struggle “. And I also have asked it: “ the Trainer, akogda we will train and play? “ for what it namesjats has planted me on a bench. Till now I will not understand, on what onobidelsja.
you played to Korea before arrival there Hiddink. It is possible lisravnit that Korean and present Russian football?

it is difficult to tell, of course, but I in due time obygryvalhiddinka, when “ Karlsruhe “ has crushed “ Valencia “ 7:0 in KubkeUEFA. Spaniards then went on the first place, therefore Hiddinkpoplatilsja for it the post of the trainer. And in Southern Koreefutbola any also was not, and for three months that I tamprobyl, such have seen enough that have solved - any money nenado if only faster to leave therefrom. Now - the Korean command is in Aziijuzhno on the leading parts, therefore, I think, Hiddink has brought the contribution.
Guus Hiddink`s Arrival to Korea was necessary, and in itogeeta the national team has occupied 4 place in the World championship though nikogdane shone on arena of the big football. Whether you believe what Hiddink will pull out from crisis and the Russian national team?
In my opinion, it cannot make it. At us esttalantlivye children, but all of them have been born in perestroechnyevremena when to the country had no time for football. Therefore almost uvseh our players there are these “ football blanks “. mnekazhetsja, we should have patience and wait three - chetyregoda, the youth which has won evropejskijkubok will not get stronger yet. Igor Kolyvanova`s wards, probably, also become tojtochkoj readout from which in Russia will begin rozhdeniefutbolistov with capital letter and there will be a qualitative football. And I think that following commands will be even stronger, potomuchto to these children necessary conditions are already created. Hiddinkmozhet something to help, but to pull out from crisis we dolzhnysebja.
you have ended VSHT, what have felt, when kareraigroka has been finished and it was necessary to begin the trainer`s? Whether Ilegko now to the well-known player to find a place of the trainer when in clubs such quantity of foreigners works?
In - the first, well-known do not want, because they and so mnogogodobilis in football. And those who could not prove napole, aspire to be realised in a trainer`s field. Noesli there is no name, is simple ambitions poorly that you at once have invited in a team of the higher class. JAschitaju, at first it is necessary to get hand in and show to everything, chtoty for the trainer, and then to wait for contracts from Premieres - leagues. I, for example, after the career termination at all sobiralsjatrenirovat. There was one attempt when I have gone vnovosibirsk for 3 months, but I had small children, and jareshil that change of a climate to kids to what and semejnyedela it is more important. Therefore a special problem as the trainer have tested I test. Now I have command FTSSH - 73 (football centre Shmarova) which while plays LFL. Etov the core young children, graduates 11 - go klassavoronezhskoj schools Ή73 for which I test the methods.
and what it for methods, if not a secret?
Having disaccustomed in VSHT, I can tell that it not gotovittrenerov. There give which - what knowledge of human physiology, of work principles, of drawing up of schedules, and tonkostjamsamogo football do not train. Therefore I build svojtrenirovochnyj process, in - the first, without a stop watch. The player who can run hundred metres for 8ρεκσνδ is unnecessary me, but cannot give a pass that I have hammered in pustyevorota. And in - the second, I try to introduce corrective amendments in svojurabotu, remembering the sensations as the football player, and stavljurabotu with a ball on the first place. To me has carried srukovoditeljami for which quality is more important than result ioni allow to me to work how I consider it necessary.
As there was an idea to name the football centre your name?
It is the initiative of heads of club which have thought - vparizhe is PSZH, and at us let will be FTSSH.
Once you have told that in Moscow you love more than vrodnom a city. Why you have not moved to capital, and reshiliostatsja in Voronezh?
In Moscow the shmarovyh suffice, and such stremitelnyjritm to life to me does not approach. And houses are quieter, multifriends... But if there comes such period of my life ipridetsja to leave Voronezh to Moscow I will go sudovolstviem.
In respect of the relation of the authorities and fans to football - Voronezh a typical Russian city?
In our city professional football - budgetary, poetomuvse depends on heads of area. They want football - there will be a football, do not want - means, will not be. And fans unas civilised also understand all subtleties of game, negovorja how they are devoted “ to the Torch “. But also to their patience, I think, the end will soon come. Though it is already appreciable that with kazhdymrazom on stadium comes ever less spectators because to look yet on what.
But there is a probability of that “ the Torch “ aktsionirujut, and it will be possible to solve an exit problem with budget increase vpremer - league. In your opinion, whether really it?
My opinion - is not present. The big heap of money “ the Torch “ will not rescue. Now to find means is not a problem but while we nenachnem to raise the football players and to create it conditions, to sense will not be. To see progress, nuzhnoobedinit the best trainers at one school, and the best players - in one command. Why, for example, not organizovatinternat? I consider that only when the best budutrabotat together, it is possible to raise worthy change.
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