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That in a nickname to you mine

Not a secret that no means always, speaking about any player, we name his name, and instead we use a nickname. And national teams frequently we name not officially, and is easier. The official site of the World championship three days prior to superiority start has presented the guidebook of nicknames .

Nicknames of commands
Actually, national teams with nicknames - darkness. However is among them such which are familiar a little - malski to the formed fan. For example, for any not a secret that the fivefold world champion Italian national team has the surname Squadra Azzura , the Blue command .

Brazilians frequently name Sele both #231; and #227; o Canarinha, Canaries , and them sworn enemies football players of Argentina national team without special imagination have nicknamed Albiceleste , It is white - blue .

Fans of French national team, the world champion of 1998, scan from tribunes Les Bleus , and Dutches, without the same imagination, name precisely Oranje, orange .

it was necessary to those fans More difficult, whose favourites play not in the one-colour form. However, combinations of colours of fans have not frightened off, apparently at the command of Ecuador. Usually Ecuadorians play yellow, dark blue and red colours, for what have deserved a nickname La Tri (Trikolor) . The Same nickname, only with other article, El Tri , the Mexicans, playing green, white and red carry.

and here Africans have appeared more inventive. For example, a national team of Tunis name Les Aigles de Carthage, Eagles of Carthago , and ivuarijtsev have nicknamed Elephants .

Nicknames of players

are Carried by nicknames and football players. First of all it concerns, certainly, football players of Brazilian national team. On uttering their names, it would be required a half-time so all of them (well, or nearly so all) on the T-shirts write nicknames.

but also they have not enough of it. To passport to nicknames they add also others. For example, Robino name the King of Dribbling , and Adriano has received a nickname the Emperor .

However not only Latin Americans differ violent imagination. There are nicknames and at radical Europeans. The hope of Spanish national team of Fernando Torres with 16 - ti lives years under anybody El Ni and #241; o, the Kid the Child . In a national team it debuted in 19 years and was considered then as the son of a regiment.

an unusual nickname at the Korean forward An Jung - Hvana (though, apparently, what for to Koreans of a nickname?) . It name the Lord of rings for a habit to mark the scored goal, kissing a wedding ring.

at last, is niki and in a camp of owners of the World championship. a sweet couple Bastian Shvajnshtajger and Lukash Podolski, the main stars of new generation of German football, respond on Schweini and Poldi , the nicknames given by it by the press.