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The World championship will open Klaudia Shiffer

the first details of opening ceremony of the World championship on football Became known. Klaudia Shiffer will take part in it, Pele, and also 1400 actors, informs AR.

championship Opening ceremony will be not so scale, as similar ceremony on the Olympic Games, and as the director considers, in it its advantage.

we try to create a simple holiday, a lovely party - Christian Shtjukl, the director 30 - minute action which Germany - Kosta - Rika will precede a match has told.

Shtjukl has been strongly limited in artistic means as its statement should not damage a lawn at all. For this reason in the field of the Munich stadium the scene will not be erected, and on it there will not go heavy designs.

170 world champions will take part in opening ceremony, among them Pele and Diego Maradona. Perhaps, they also will be protagonists of action.

do not make a mistake: do not compare our ceremony to opening of the Olympic games. Olympic Games opening ceremony - separate event. And after it no match passes. We could not use pyrotechnics at all, and simply heavy designs. So we will actually simply greet public - Wolfgang Nirbah, the vice-president of Organizing committee of the World championship has told.

certainly, at opening ceremony there will be no parade of national teams traditional for the Olympic Games. But there will be a music turn: Tony Brekston, owner Gremmi, together with quartet Il Divo will execute a tournament hymn The Time of Our Lives .

During ceremony only one speech will be said: before the gathered the president of Germany will act as Horst Koler. Neither Frants Bekkenbauer, nor will not act as Zepp Blatter.

People want to look football, instead of to listen to speeches. Besides if Bekkenbauer speaks, to it will stand to clap. Then it will ask a to speak to me, and I can tell nothing, as me will catcall. So is better I will keep silent - Blatter has told.

Opening ceremony will begin approximately in 16 - 20 local time. The opening match in which Germany will play with Kosta - Rikoj, will begin in 18 - 00.