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the Torch and Saturn have dispersed by the world

Yesterday on July, 5th 2001 basic structure Saturn has held a companionable meeting in Voronezh with local the Torch . The match has ended in a draw - 1:1.
Game has begun on average speeds. The small downpour which has passed shortly before a match has created closeness in the field. Since the first minutes a basis the Torch began to force pressure at penal Tchizhov. Visitors answered with quite good combinational counterattacks. However in attack owners were more successful at the beginning. The striking trident - Shukanov, Safronov, Alhimov has created some the absolute moments at Tchizhov`s gate. The exit of Alhimova was liquidated in private by the goalkeeper of visitors, in some minutes also Safronov however finishing blow in private broke it has turned out inexact. And already to the time middle has worked a known rule - you do not hammer - hammer to you . After the next counterattack Saturn The ball was swept up in penal voronezhtsev, someone has rolled out it for limits penal, and Shishkin connected to attack has powerfully punched a bottom. A goal. After that game has reduced turns. Visitors competently supervised a ball in a midfield, without allowing to develop attacks voronezhtsev.
After a break both commands have made on some replacements, on purpose to test the recruits who are on viewing. At visitors Amoako was active, fulfilling in an attack on all flanks, and quite often nonplusing defence the Torch . Actually he also has created very dangerous two moments in penal the Torch and both times has gained Apiaries. Already voronezhtsy played counterattacks. At the Torch Garas and Lanko were active. And defence " is closer to the end of game; Saturn has missed jerk of Garasa which left in private with Samorukovym. To that remains nothing how to bring down the annoying forward. A penalty. Boltrushevich has approached to a point and the strongest blow has sent a leather sphere to gate. Remained time the ball basically was played in a midfield while the whistle of the arbitrator has not notified a tribune about a fair drawn game. In poslematchevom interrvju Alexander Averyanov has explained absence of the basic goalkeeper of a command: Goncharov on training has broken a hand, therefore we will while hope for Pchelnikova. Though have already started to be engaged in search of one more goalkeeper. Besides Dmitry, a trauma and at Zaharova, in a match for a double twisted an ankle.
a torch - Saturn 1 - 1
Voronezh. Stadium Central
8000 spectators
Goals: Boltrushevich, 81 (penalties) - Shishkin, 36
the Torch: Apiaries, Povorov (Sokolenko, 46), Bloodless (Boltrushevich, 46), Schegolev, the Circassian, Degtyaryov (Gurbanov, 88), Oryol (Savchuk, 57), Jamlihanov, Shukanov (Shmarov, 67), Safronov (Kudrja, 61, Lanko, 75), Alhimov (Garas, 46).
Saturn: Tchizhov (Samorukov, 26), Kuraev (Dzamihov, 46), Rebezha (Smertin, 46), Meleshin (Joldich, 46), Bukievsky, Smaich, Ljapkin, Mor, Muratovich, Shishkin (Amoako, 46), Rogatchyov.