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The transfer policy on - zhurnalistski

In the Russian football championship a break. There is a period dozajavok, and commands by hook or by crook try or to amplify at the expense of acquisition of new players, or it is more favourable to sell the old. The most practical have time to do it simultaneously. The changes occurring in structures of clubs, draw attention of fans, and their attention is a potential bread of the sports journalist. In a pursuit of sensations sharks of a feather get about the core of football communities and teeth vygryzajuthot how many - nibud the interesting public the information. Unfortunately, times they lean against not absolutely checked up sources, to be exact speaking - on hearings.
certainly, it is difficult to believe that, suppose, Zidan will be got by any CSKA, but to assume that to the same soldiers from Moscow the Dynamo the captain and the unconditional leader of a command Rolan Gusev, quite probably will pass. Many mass-media some months savoured this possible variant. While anything about it anybody certain cannot tell, but as a result this information has led to that dinamovskie fans catcall the recent favourite when that owns a ball. A question: with what mood the player will leave in the field and it will show what game? It turns out, the agiotage caused round the future destiny of any football player, can affect the psychological and sports form of the player not in the best way.
there is also other party of this problem. Today a press - centre FK Anzhi has made such statement: Anzhi has hard times, the command has tested serious emotional and physical overloads, from here recession in game and that place in standings where it should be is obvious not. Therefore we can understand goodness knows where from undertaken newspaper sensation round a command. In mass-media will always find an occasion to inflate a fire from the non-significant fact . Such hearings at times are similar to the death sentence Anzhi . A question: whether the fan will lose interest to the command, know it, what the club is going not to amplify, and to sell more - less sensible players? Clearly as day, even the most true fan will start to grow cold to a command which in absentia send in the first battalion.
here thus journalists in vain fray nerves both to fans, and football players, both trainers, and a management of clubs. And what to do, if there is no exact information, and to write about something it is necessary?