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Loko has won, but a holiday it has not turned out

Friday evening Moscow the Locomotive on the updated handsome man - tridtsatitysjachnike within the limits of the taken out match 25 - go round accepted Elista an Uralan . It was the first official meeting of railwaymen in Cherkizovo in this season, and, unfortunately, quality of game of both commands has not warmed up celebratory mood of the Moscow fans.
running forward, I will notice: for all first time contenders have created only three more - less dangerous moments, and all at gate an Uralan . Public had to spend emotions for not game situations. For example, dissatisfied with the decision of arbitrator Kazakov throws in the lateral judge a ball and receives a mustard plaster . If has got, could also red to earn. But the halfback has decided not to hurry up with removal and to wait time endings. Last minute it was well put to a foot of Buznikina and the second has waited yellow and, accordingly, has left a field not on one game.
in a time interval between cards of Kazakova to football players the Locomotive also it was possible to create a little concerning looking attacks. At first Loskov after a discount of Buznikina in penal from 15 metres has got in Filimonova. Then 5 minutes prior to a break Maminov distant blow has checked up on durability of Filimonova. Alexander has appeared is not so steady, but at falling has shouldered a ball and has translated it on the angular. And, at last, Loskov from the penal has got into a crossbeam.
it is difficult to name advantage of railwaymen, both in the first, and in the second times obvious. Elistintsy too from time to time reached penal Ovchinnikova, truth, were then lost and did not know that becomes in similar cases. In general, football was cheerful with set of errors, ofsajdov and infringements of rules.
Second forty five minutes have passed a little pozhivee. Obviously, Muscovites all - taki have accustomed on a new lawn and have played more variously. And can be, fault to it let out in the field the third attacking - the Woman to Adam. Sometimes in the penal the African brotherhood that seemed, " gathered so much; an Uralan plays against a national team of any Senegal or Madagascar. But Obiora who appeared on an attack edge more often, could not punch plainly on collars in any way, - protection stirred that, own feet.
it is not known, the command " is how much nice to the main thing of the arbitrator of a match to Yury Tchebotaryov; the Locomotive but an Uralan - it is obvious not its idols. It is necessary to assume that roots of hostility of the Krasnodar referee to Elista club leave at the time of Kalmyk attacks on the Don settlements. Anyway, and Tchebotaryov simply fell asleep elistintsev yellow cards. From a yellowness abundance it seemed that on cherkizovskom stadium there has come autumn.
However the goal all was not hammered, though both the judge, and the house field was for railwaymen. It is red - green and it was not possible to amaze gate of Filimonova. It was necessary to use the help of the contender. Buznikin has rushed in penal, but in struggle against two defenders has far released a ball. Semochko which have come running to the aid of defence, probably, wanted to beat out a ball, but at it magnificent leading round blow on own collars has turned out, to parry which Filimonov has not managed. On 53 - j to minute the Locomotive has moved.
the subsequent time Kalmyks simulated attempts to recoup, but rested in not adjusted to be mistaken protection Loko which has won back simply excellent. For all match visitors only two times have punched on collars, but to the Boss it was not necessary to work at all - balls have passed above gate. So, with the minimum account game also has ended, and an Uralan could not take away to Elista a treasured Moscow point.
Certainly, a victory The locomotive what in the image it is reached was, is natural. Having won in the brought match railwaymen have increased rupture from the nearest persecutors - CSKA. On July, 9th they just also should battle to soldiers in Cherkizovo, and it seems following the results of a match it will be possible to judge claims of both clubs on champion gold .
the Locomotive - an Uralan 1:0
Moscow. Stadium the Locomotive
the Goal: Semochko, 53 (in the gate)
Preventions: Maminov, 64, Mnguni, 86 - Sides, 26, Cossacks, 29, R.Ajinjal, 40, Semochko, 50, Tsiklauri, 84
Removal: Cossacks, 45
the Locomotive: Ovchinnikov, Nizhegorodov, Ignashevich, Yevseyev, Pashinin (the Woman to Adam, 46), Sennikov, Izmaylov, Maminov, Loskov, Obiora, Buznikin (Mnguni, 74)
an Uralan: Filimonov, Sides, Phillips, Gerashchenko, Kolodin, Semochko (Nightingales 74), Cossacks, Gashkin, R.Ajinjal, Avakov (Vjazmikin 69), Ospeshinsky (Tsiklauri 46)
the Judge: Tchebotaryov (Krasnodar)