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From Chelsea in Juventus

Frenk Lempard can to recruit in a following season ranks Turin Juventus . The sports director of an Italian team of Alessio Sekko already met a management Chelsea . The transfer of one of leaders " was the main theme of discussion; aristocrats Frenka Lemparda in the Turin club after this season termination. In a case if clubs will not agree about transfer cost, the football player has the right to break off unilaterally the contract with Chelsea . By new rules of UEFA the player is more senior 28 years, having fulfilled the contract most part, can at desire leave a team (now Frenku of 29 years). Lempard does not exclude transition possibility in Juventus . As it would allow it to reunite with Klaudio Raneri who in 2001 has invited Frenka in Chelsea . The basic disagreement between Lempardom and old sinoroj Consists in the size of a salary of the football player. The halfback aristocrats it is ready to pass in Juventus if the contract sum makes not 4 million euro as now it is offered to it, and 4,7 million euro. An obstacle for this transition can become and missing of the Turin club in League of champions in a following season. On materials Eurosport