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K.Kurani`s double has brought a victory “ the Dynamo “ in Grozny

the match Review
“ the Dynamo “ last weeks destroyed one leader behind another, so “ Terek “ quite could become only next victim “ it is white - blue “. Dinamovtsy have beaten successively “ Zenith “ “ Spartak “ and “ the Ruby “ with joint account 11:1, and all their victorious series totaled already four games. In general if to compare two commands: at appointment of Petresku as the head coach and today`s - that it is possible to note enormous progress. Though the Romanian instructor also asserted that fruits of its work in “ the Dynamo “ it will be possible to see only after a winter pause, it is obvious that crisis to the best has occurred much earlier.
Though, how many do not sing to this command of dithyrambs, and on the eve of round it settled down on some positions more low “ Terek “ and the difference between two collectives made five points. So even in case of own victory Muscovites could not bypass groznentsev. Stanislav Cherchesova`s command has fine spent first half of this piece of a season, but then has a little handed over. And though she on - former achieved victories, but they began to alternate with failures. The victory groznentsev in the first circle on " was additional motivation for visitors; to Arena Khimki “ (2:1).
the Match has begun on good speeds and without tiresome tjagomotiny that was promoted by the good solar weather established this day in Grozny in the beginning of December. The football players, decided to use this gift of the nature, since first minutes have decided to take pleasure in football. The exchange of the dangerous moments has gone that always draws attention of the spectator. Godzjur has jumped out of the gate far beyond penal and in podkate has prevented the contender to realise counterattack, there and then Berezovsky has in a fantastic way reacted to heading from ten metres in “ the nine “. Then dinamovsky the keeper with whom to a command has definitely carried, has interrupted a dangerous lumbago of Jatchenko. On 11 - j to minute Fernandez who has punched a head after giving of Jantshera from the standard had the excellent moment.
has not for long kept itself waiting and a goal. The second has followed successively angular from the right flank, Noboa from a near corner has continued ball flight on a distant bar which was easy closed by Kurani. Groznentsy have there and then rushed to attack by the big forces and quite could recoup quickly. Blows of Lebedenko and Rybusja were uneasy enough, however the goalkeeper has not blundered. Dinamovtsy is mobile enough departed in defence and beat off all command. Thus not to tell that attacks of owners were rectilinear. Wards of Cherchesova combined variously enough, much turned out at Lebedenko, Georgieva, extreme defenders were active. But defence dinamovtsev which last weeks operates sverhnadyozhno, did not afford oversights.
Groznentsy owned small advantage to the break. Even the moments of different degree of danger “ Terek “ created regularly, but to hammer in all it did not turn out in any way. That attack stops from - for positions “ off side “ the miss Berezovsky will fine play follows. For example, on 36 - j to minute it has covered a ball on most “ to a ribbon “ after artful blow of Georgieva from - for limits penal. Muscovites some times dangerously could escape in counterattack, but “ it is white - blue “ there was no composure and accuracy in transfers. Game was very live and dynamical, and first half of meeting has flown by as one instant. Thus it was faster equal, and visitors conducted in the account only because could dispose of the moment is better. But owners ahead had all second time, transfers Euro - football.
And the success has come to them on 64 - j to minute when attack groznentsev on the left flank has come to the end with a lumbago in the centre penal, whence Ailton a head has forwarded a ball to a far corner. Second half of meeting in general differed nothing from the first. Commands showed good speeds and created the moment behind the moment. More sharpnesses was at dinamovskoj penal, so “ it is white - blue “ at times without philosophising crafty played “ on a release “. Activity and persistence groznentsev should be rewarded, as has occurred. After the first hammered ball of Maurisio hardly has not deduced the command forward. However, having steeped in attack, groznentsy have weakened a grasp in defence, than the contender has used. There has again passed giving of Jantshera, again Kurani has won αξπm, e in air, and again the ball has appeared in a grid of gate.
the second passed ball has appeared for “ Terek “ a knockout to recover from which groznentsy simply were not in time. CHerchesov has tried to stir up a command the replacements one of which hardly was has not worked, but Mitrishev in one of episodes from three metres has not got a head on collars. Though if the judge of a meeting Igor Nizovtsev has dared to put a penalty for game by a hand someone from groznentsev in other moment the duel outcome would be solved much earlier. But anyway dinamovtsy have brought matters to a victory which became a heel successively. It now to play and play, but from a break you will not leave anywhere.
the championship of Russia. The prime minister - league. 19 - j round
“ Terek “ (Grozny) - “ the Dynamo “ (Moscow) - 1:2 (0:1)
Goals : Ailton, 64 - Kurani, 12, 67
Preventions : Kudryashov, 14, Jiranek, 38, Sapeta, 88
on December, 9th. 14:00. Grozny. Stadium “ Arena Ahmat “
“ Terek “ : Godzjur, Jatchenko, Komorovski, Jiranek, Kudryashov (Sadaev, 77), Varken, Georges, Ivanov, Rybus (Maurisio, 53), Lebedenko (Mitrishev, 72), Almejda
“ the Dynamo “ : Berezovsky, Lomich, the Pomegranate, Fernandez, Tchitcherin, Jantsher (Ropotan, 68), Jusupov, Noboa, Nightingales, Kurani, Kokorin (Sapeta, 87)
the Judge : Igor Nizovtsev (Nizhni Novgorod)