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Mamayev`s first goal in the championship has brought CSKA victory over Mordovia

the match Review
Anton Mozgovoj
CSKA which are in the lead in the championship of Russia on football among commands the Prime minister - leagues, finished football year a match with Mordovia . In 19 - m round met the commands which have settled down on opposite poles of standings. CSKA for leadership preservation it was necessary to beat the contender. We will remind that in the first circle soldiers have confidently changed debutant FNL in Saransk with the account 3:0. Since then CSKA has not bad added, and Mordovia on the contrary, has even more strongly wallowed at the bottom of standings, therefore chances at visitors was a little.
White on white
Visitors have surprised not only unusual colour of the form (this time Mordovia has chosen white T-shirts), but also a starting lineup. So, in the field there was no place for brothers of Muhametshinyh in which absence a role of the forward to itself took Kuleshov. The accounting duel passed in uneasy conditions. Football players had to play minus temperature, and round a field the dense snow ring was formed. It is no wonder that in such weather many fans army club houses have decided to remain. On huge tribunes Luzniki the handful of fans seemed the present drop in the sea.
the meeting beginning has turned out quiet. Mordovia felt quite comfortably. Visitors even have managed to organise attack which has come to the end with that the ball has left for an obverse line. Nevertheless, football players Mordovias could not take anything from corner kick. There and then Musa hardly did not leave in private with Abakumov. In this episode the goalkeeper of visitors has played perfectly well, in due time having run out from gate. Soon all same Musa was torn again to collars. This time the Nigerian hardly has not escaped from four contenders, but on final jerk to the forward of CSKA of forces has not sufficed.
CSKA has quickly come forward
CSKA Attacks became more and more persevering. Fatal for visitors became 13 - I minute. Muscovites have cracked defence Mordovias through the centre. Dzagoev beat from limits penal, but with its blow Abakumov has consulted. However defenders of club from Saransk have not helped the goalkeeper. Instead of taking out a ball from penal, they have started to urge arbitrators to fix ofsajd of which was not. As a result Honda has easy finished a ball in empty gate - 1:0!
Muscovites continued to attack. To relax owners did not gather, and at Mordovias in attack it turned out nothing. Even visitors could not reach gate of Akinfeeva, but reproach them with absence of diligence it was impossible. Football players from Saransk moved much, but in the middle of a field owners destroyed all attacks of the contender. Towards gate of Akinfeeva visitors have put the first blow only on 27 - j to minute. Has made this Panchenko which has punched from - for limits penal. And in an ending of a time the ball all - taki has visited CSKA collars. Panchenko has fine opened, has accepted a ball and has punched by Akinfeeva. But earlier Alexey Nikolaeva`s whistle which has marked ofsajd has sounded. However, on repetitions it was visible that if there was a position off side only microscopic. the patient is more likely live
After a break football players Mordovias have changed. Since first minutes visitors have rushed on the contender, having forced CSKA to concentrate all forces to defence. Saranchane have submitted three angular successively, have compelled Muscovites to play for a release. Aggressions to attacks Mordovias has added also Ruslana Muhametshin`s who has replaced with Dujmovicha exit. In total some minutes it was required to Muhametshin to appear in the centre of events. On 55 - j to minute soldiers Were mistaken at performance artificial ofsajda. Muhametshin has jumped out to collars of Akinfeeva, was not greedy, having allowed the Beaver to go into a ball in empty gate - 1:1!
And after that visitors have continued to attack though and it is less aggressive. Gradually Mordovia has departed to the collars, having dug round at the penal. It became clear that CSKA will storm another`s half of field. soldiers have started a systematic siege of gate of the contender, but hardly have not passed. Mordovia has spent fast counterattack, and a ball after srezki performed by Shchennikova only on centimetres has missed each other with a bar.
Mamayev`s first goal in a season became victorious
However after that moment the ball practically did not appear on half of field of CSKA. The goal became ripe, soldiers all were closer and closer to success. Mordovias has sufficed approximately for twenty minutes. On 70 - j to minute owners as a result mnogohodovki have restored the status - kvo. Dzagoev katnul the ball along gate, Honda did not begin to beat from an advantage-ground, having readdressed a ball to Mamayev. The disgraced halfback of CSKA needed not to miss only from several metres. Mamayev has confidently shot gate of the contender and has arranged rough celebrating of the first goal in a season, in passing having earned a yellow card - 2:1!
At Mordovias remains an order of twenty minutes again to even up scores. The trainer`s staff of visitors has thrown in fight and the second Muhametshin, but its exit it has turned out less effective. Visitors owned the initiative, but counterattacks of CSKA were much more dangerous. As a result in an ending the leader of the championship of Russia is faster could hammer again. For example, Musa was close to an exit in private with Abakumov. Elm not bad beat with penal, but the goalkeeper with this shot has consulted.
as a result the match and has come to the end with the minimum victory of wards of Leonid Slutsky. CSKA has interrupted the bezvyigryshnuju a series. soldiers Leave on a break as the leader of the championship of Russia. And Mordovia though finishes year the next defeat, has managed to prove what to write off from accounts a command early.
the Championship of Russia. The prime minister - league. 19 - j round
CSKA (Moscow) - Mordovia (Saransk) - 2:1 (1:0)
Goals : Honda, 14, Mamayev, 71 - the Beaver, 54
Preventions : Mamayev, 72, Elm, 84 - Osipov, 41, Kuleshov, 66
on December, 9th. 16:00. Moscow. Stadium Luzniki
CSKA : Akinfeev, Ignashevich, Berezutsky, Fernandez Mario, Shchennikov, Vernblum, Honda (Netfullin, 90), Dzagoev, Mamayev (Seku, 87), Elm, Musa
Mordovia : Abakumov, Muldarov, Shitov, Stepanets, Osipov, Kuleshov, the Beaver, Dujmovich (Muhametshin, 52), Pazin, Ivanov (Muhametshin, 75), Panchenko (Markin, 88)
the Judge : Alexey Nikolays (Moscow)