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E.Giner: If at someone is not present, for example, defenders - I will concede

the President of CSKA Evgenie Giner has told about transfer plans of club and arrangements with colleagues on the championship of Russia about claims for perspective players with the Russian passport.
we on - former search for the attacking. And as to the others if there will be variants to get the strong player on other position, we will become stronger. Still we want to buy Igor Denisov, Shirokov`s Novel in general, all players of the Russian national team. Understand, in the Russian clubs many young perspective football players, but also we at school have such children, and to look at others, ignoring the pupils, incorrectly. For example, our youth team successfully acts in New Generation - analogue of League of champions for young football players.
and as to already taken place strong players, there are they in Anzhi Zenith Spartake . But them will not release. I, certainly, have joked about that we want to buy all Russian national team. It is necessary to look in the pockets, and in strangers we will count money.
Shatov has decided that it is better to it to play Anzhi . Any Ivanov, Petrov or Sidorov will decide that to it it will be better in CSKA. Each player chooses for itself. Oleg understood that Kerimov forms a fine team, and there it has more than chances to play the basic structure. It is assured, Sulejman has not given it the salary more than would give CSKA. It after all the market, and it this market very well understands. SHatov in Anzhi had more possibilities to play start - that we now and we see, - and in CSKA, probably, would strengthen game from a bench. I think, it and became a principal cause of its transition. And other football player will prefer CSKA.
as at us fine relations both with Sulejmanom, and with Alexander Djukovym. We any more we fight as it was earlier: Beret someone Zenith - intercept more likely. We call up and we discuss. If today someone does not have, for example, defenders, I will concede - what for to me to take the player on a bench only because competitors want to get it? If there will be no competition, all of us will be weak - quotes Ginera Sportbox.