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Ronaldo asserts that it was healthy in ending CHM - 98

the Brazilian forward Ronaldo has declared today that was ready to play the ending of the World championship of 1998 in spite of the fact that in some hours before at it convulsions have begun.
I was in a normal state to play in this match - has declared Ronaldo at session of the Brazilian senatorial commission investigating the facts of infringement of the law in the Brazilian football. According to the football player, it never would leave in the field if physicians have informed it on any problems with its health. I never left in the field if it did not want .
the Commission has been created for investigation of corruption and the actions breaking ethics of what heads of the Brazilian football are accused. In this case it should find out, whether is valid the sports firm Nike which contract with the Brazilian confederation of football is estimated in 400 million dollars, has acquired the right to define a line-up.
lawyers should find out, whether has forced Nike Ronaldo to leave in the field in the ending of the World championship of 1998 against France, it is literally in some hours after it has been hospitalised from - for convulsions.
it is natural, Nike and the former trainer of modular Mario Zagallo these charges reject. According to Zagallo, Ronaldo herself begged to let out it in the field. However the doctor of a command of Lidio of Toledo and another attacking modular Edmundo confirm the return.