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The saga about Oscar Kordobe has come to an end

Argentina Sides of Huniors has decided to rent for six months Italian to Perugia the Colombian goalkeeper Oscar Kordobu, informs AR.
Cordoba is considered in the South America one of the strongest goalkeepers. Perugia has laid out for it one million dollars that the football player has played half a year in a command. In the summer Italians offered Boke 5 million for a transfer of the goalkeeper, but Argentineans have refused.
we agree to rent Cordoba only. When other clubs will not be interested in it, the Colombian will return to Argentina - the vice-president " has declared; Boki Pedro Pompilio. The decision to give Cordoba in Perugia in rent has put an end to the saga about transition of the goalkeeper.
in the beginning of December English clubs applied for Cordoba. Hearings that " went; the Arsenal and Tottenham Offered 5 million for services of the goalkeeper. On December, 16th Cordoba even has said goodbye to the Argentina fans in a match with Independente . However transition has not taken place, and the goalkeeper remained in Argentina. Here - that also has appeared in time the offer from Perugia .