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CHernomorets remains Novorossisk. Without Shevchyuk

CHernomorets will not change the name on CHernomorets (Krasnodar territory) on what it was informed by a number of mass-media earlier. It was declared at meeting in Novorossisk by the governor of Krasnodar territory Alexander Tkachev. Besides, the head of region has informed that it has accepted the invitation to hold a post of the president of club.
also it became known that in CHernomortse in a new season not budetvladimira Shevchyuk. Who will take a place of the head coach while it is not known, however is not excluded that on this post Igor Gamula will be confirmed nyneshnijispolnjajushchy duties, in the help to which there will be pristavlenopytnyj a trainer - the adviser. Our correspondent AleksandrLoginov informs on it.
Shevchyuk has been appointed to a post of the trainer CHernomortsa in the middle of December. Then both parties - both the trainer, and club - have expressed satisfaction the concluded agreement. However then there were problems in mutual relations between the former instructor Saturn and a management of a Novorossisk command. In the beginning CHernomorets declared that can act in film at all from the championship as has faced problems at structure formation. Already during this moment there were hearings that Shevchyuk in CHernomortse will not be.
then Shevchyuk has not arrived on gathering which the command spent in Cyprus. It actually meant what to train CHernomorets it will not be. Over club Gamula at that point in time supervised. Now the information has received official acknowledgement.