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Football. In Iran to women have allowed to go on stadium

In Iran to women - to fans now allow to observe of games of the favourite soccer teams directly from tribunes of stadiums. Till now it was forbidden to women to visit football matches on a level with men from - that those often use not standard lexicon, responding about game of sportsmen. Women in Iran long time struggled for the right to be present on matches of the favorite teams. why half of population of the country should suffer from - what second half is obscenely expressed? - with such question many lovers of football addressed to the sports country leaders. Some women - fans of club Pajkan - were present past afternoon on a match of the command which has passed at stadium in the western suburb of Teheran. However, as they said, the majority of the men who have come on a match have condemned their act. At us looked as if we from other planet - one of fans has told. The decision to admit women on a match representatives of club Pajkan have explained to that fans of this command, unlike others, do not use obscene expressions, transfers AR.