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Football. Tarlovsky can leave Spartak - Alaniju

One more player who can leave Spartak - Alaniju because of default of contract conditions, probably, there is a central halfback of modular Belarus Igor Tarlovsky. As mark informed circles, on the eve of a command departure on the Cyprian gathering Tarlovsky has made terms before a new management of club that in case in the near future with it will not pay off on last year it reserves the right to itself to leave Spartak - Alaniju . As at Tarlovsky which is connected by the contract with Osset club for two years, already there is a specific proposal from the debutant of the first battalion groznenskogo Terek which offers it rather solid salary. It is necessary to add that one of these days about the decision to leave Spartak - Alaniju On all to the same reason of non-observance of financial side of contracts its leading players - Omari Tetradze and Arthur Pagaev which here - here will replace a command declared, our correspondent Vadim Tohsyrov informs.