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to the Locomotive in matches with Monaco it is necessary extremely hard

Monaco the nearest contender the Locomotive in League of champions, rushes to a champion`s title with speed of the jet plane. Apparently, is not present in the French championship of a command which could though something to oppose to club Dide Deshama. Very much confidently play Monegasques.
in the first match 20 - go superiority round Monaco on the home field accepted the nearest competitor Lyons .
the Match has begun for Lyons very unsuccessfully. On 24 - j to minute the leading forward of a command of Dzhovane Elber was traumatised and the field has left. Instead of it there was a player of French national team Eric Karrer who has played not so confidently.
even 10 minutes after the account has been opened. The goal has turned out illogical: in the first half an hour of advantage had Lyons . However it to hammer not in a smog, and here Louis Zhjuli with pleasure has used Anthon Revejera`s error. It has cast away a ball on goalkeeper Gregory Kupe, but it is unsuccessful: ZHjuli the ball has intercepted and has opened the account in this match. For Zhjuli the goal became 13 - m in a season.
in the beginning of the second time of an abacus has been increased. Zherom Roten has submitted ugolovoj, and Fernando Morentes has driven a ball in the nine. Monaco has moved 2 - 0.
At Lyons there were chances to win back at least a goal. On 55 - j to minute hardly has not hammered from penal Zhunino, soon after at a short distance could not hammer in Floran Maluda (its blow has taken up Sebastjan Skillachi). In the middle of a time of Luindula there were no centimetres to forward a ball to a grid.
for not used moments Lyons has paid. Morentesa have brought down in penal, and Zhjuli has issued a double, easy having realised a penalty. Monaco has won 3 - 0 and has increased the separation in the championship to 10 points. PSZH Today can reduce this backlog to seven points (Parisians of the house accept Lille ), however and seven points - very solid advantage. to the locomotive it is necessary extremely hard.
Monaco - Lyons 3:0
Goals: Zhjuli, 34, 90, Morentes, 48
1 Monaco 19 45
2 Lyons 19 35
3 PSZH 19 35
4 SOSHO 18 34
5 OSER 19 32
6 Marseilles 17 30
7 Nice 18 29
8 LANS 19 28
9 Nantes 19 27
10 Strasbourg 19 26
11 Bordeaux 18 26
12 Rennes 19 23
13 BASTIJA 19 23
14 Lille 19 22
15 MONPELE 17 21
16 Ajaccios 19 19
17 METTS 18 16
18 LE MAN 19 16
19 GENGAM 19 15
20 Toulouse 19 12