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Football. “ Spartak “ has taken off on gathering for Turkey

Today a charter flight from Domodedova Moscow “ Spartak “ has taken off on the first early gathering for Antalia. Gathering will pass on hotel training fields “ Gloria Golf Rezort “ in Beleke. As a part of the basic command 22 persons. The Brazilian legionaries Mozart and Zheder from - for problems with the visa will join a command in 2 days. Alexey Rebko who is receiving medical treatment in one of the Moscow clinics, passes Turkish gathering. Within the limits of this gathering the command will spend two companionable matches. On January, 16th “ Spartak “ will play with Baku “ Interom “ and three days later with “ Vetroj “ from Vilnius. Duplicating structure “ Spartaka “ the same charter flight has gone on the first training gathering which also will pass in Beleke. The double in hotel " will stop; Kaja the White-coat seal “ Which is on ðāņņōîĸíčč10 kilometres from the location of the basic command. For the first time a basis and a double “ Spartaka “ on early gathering will be in immediate proximity from each other. It will allow trainers to co-ordinate teamwork most effectively. As a part of a double 22 football players, including Ignasa Deduru and Mihajlo Pjanovicha, and also 12 pupils spartakovskoj schools 1989 and 1990 of a birth. In the program of gathering of doublers it is planned two sparringa - on January, 16th and 19. On January, 20th the basic and duplicating structure “ Spartaka “ will return to Moscow, informs an official site it is red - white.