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Bavaria to struggle for an exit in the League quarterfinal it is ready

Germans in the twenty first round have decided to please spectators with productivity. Well that nobody could reproach them that the German championship not most entertainment (happens such). Therefore have got down to business quickly. In three matches from five abacus by twentieth minute it was already open, and in Kaiserslautern owners and at all conducted with account 2 - 0 in a match against Unterhahinga . And that is pleasant, on reached anybody to stop gathered nobody (except Bavaria but about it later). And as a result in all matches, except besides Munich, it has been hammered more than one ball.
SHalke as one of leaders, had no right to lose at home. Munich 1860 - a command average, and basically points types houses. Houses blue lions can beat everybody, and here on a visit there are problems. And SHalke Points should be typed that is called, blood from a nose . In general, gelzenkirhentsy with the problem two goals have consulted efforts of Mpenzy, for 15 minutes hammered.
Kaiserslautern as a result has carried totally Unterhahing Already in the first time in gate of visitors has flown three balls to which in second Shtrasser has added one more.
unexpected defeat has on the home field suffered Gerta . In general the quite good command has suddenly ruined a match against Wolfsburg - 1 - 3.
Now about Bavaria . Mjunhentsy have opened the account in a match against Stuttgart (to which, by the way, they have lost last three matches) on the eighth minute. Dzhovane Elber has transformed a wonderful pass of Effenberga into a goal. After that the Brazilian has missed still pair of the moments. And game has calmed down. Only Romanian Ganja showed any activity, was close to evening up scores, but to gate has not got. For Bavaria much more important, than a victory, has appeared that fact that captain Shtefan Effenberg could play all ninety minutes and was one of the best in structure Bavaria .
Results of round:
Shalke 04 - Munich 1860 2 - 0
Goals: Mpenza, 50, Mpenza, 65
Kaiserslautern - Unterhahing 4 - 0
Goals: Kokh, 8, Shtrasser, 18, Kloze, 22, Shtrasser, 78
Gerta - Wolfsburg 1 - 3
Goals: Trechok, from a penalty, 73 - Juskovjak, 37, Juskovjak, 49, Shnoor, 54
Hamburg - Bochum 3 - 0
Goals: Jeboa, 16, Butt, from a penalty, 34, Barbarets, 38
Bavaria - Stuttgart 1 - 0
the Goal: Elber, 8