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Nigerians - the third Africa on the Cup

Gol Jakibu Aliegbeni became the only thing in a match for the third place on the Cup of Africa and has brought a victory of modular Nigeria over malijtsami.

On a match which, by and large, did not represent interest from the point of view of result, Nigerians have not exposed variety of the basic players: Nvankvo to Caen, Agustina Okochu, Taribo of West and George Finidi that has not prevented them to win.

on 29 - j to minute Aliegbeni left in private with the goalkeeper of a national team of Mali Mahamadu Sidibe and has easy changed it. It was the unique moment in the first time so it is impossible to name a meeting too interesting.

Sidibe has asked replacement after has received a ball on a head.

Malijtsy tried to press to Nigeria, but without special success. However, all of them have created one moment, but to Caen which left on replacement in the end of a match, has taken out a ball from a ribbon.
Nigerians have taken the third place on the Cup of Africa. And in the ending Senegal and Cameroon will play.

Mali - Nigeria 0:1
the Goal: Aliegbeni, 29