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Valencia and a Selta could not break away

And Valencia and a Selta have missed possibility much more to come off persecutors in the championship. The matter is that these commands played among themselves and played in a draw 0 - 0. With the same account the meeting " has come to the end; Malorki and Barcelonas .

While Valencia remained on the first place, but today for it can already overtake Real .

the Most dangerous moment in a match was at Misty, but the halfback Valencia has punched in a crossbeam. Could hammer and Salva, however has at a short distance sent a ball a head above gate.

a Selta and at all practically has not created the moments. While it advances Real on one point.

Barcelona Also could not type three points in a match with like left of crisis Malorkoj . All moments in this match have been created by Catalans, but they and could not unpack a collar of the contender. The situation which has arisen for five minutes up to the end was especially dangerous: Gabri left in private, but could not change Carlos Roa, and in time on dobivanie Giovanni has punched by.