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Irzhi Novotny has signed the contract with the Ruby

the Captain Prague Sparta Irzhi Novotny has signed the contract with the Ruby . It became the second Czech legionary in the Kazan command after Tomashom Chizhekom.
As informs the Czech news agency CTK, Novotnyj which now is in Spain together with a Russian team, initially has not been satisfied by conditions which offered it the Ruby . However as a result to a management of citizens of Kazan and the long-term captain Sparta it was possible to come to the mutually advantageous agreement.
the Czech mass-media did not begin to disclose the sum, which the Ruby has paid prazhanam. However according to STK, in Russia Novotny will receive about 12 million crones a year (350 thousand dollars) that for Czechia it is considered rather quite good sum.
we will add that Novotny played for Sparta since 1990. It repeatedly became the champion of Czechia and participated in League of champions. Recently Irzhi began to feel not so cosy in club to which has given many years from - for some disagreements with the head coach Sparta .