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antich has improved game Leopards but has not achieved result

the Main event of the next Spanish round there was not any of matches with participation of leaders, and a debut of Radomira Anticha in a role of the head coach Barcelonas .
Before a match against Athletics at stadium Nou Kamp fans Leopards at last - that have received hope of the light future. For any two weeks the club was left at first by the main enemy of all Catalan inchas Luis Van Gal, and then the fast resignation was declared by the president Barcelonas Hoan Gaspar whom in capital of Catalonia have very much taken a dislike.
as well as promised Antich, he has given the basic attention to game on flanks, having chosen thus system 4 - 4 - 2. Overmars who in some minutes after a starting whistle has given out a magnificent pass on Saviolu have been to the right sent. The Argentinean has not missed the moment. After some minutes already Overmars which have sent a ball in the left gate corner has caused a stir.
2 - 0 - Barcelonian inchas already anticipated a victory. However in the second time all has turned over upside down. Already on 48 - j to minute Marinas has hammered in a penalty and has reduced rupture in the account to a minimum. The arbitrator who has not noticed that fact has not understood this moment that infringement has occurred to the penal area. Later Radomiru Antichu it has allowed an occasion to accuse in all the arbitrator. However Atletik in the second time really played not bad and as a result has achieved a drawn game after a goal of Navarro. Barcelona last minutes tried to pull out a victory, but goalkeeper Aransubija has rescued Atletik after blows of De of the Drill and Kljujverta - 2 - 2.
Real - Sosedad on the home field could not change Espanol . As a result - a drawn game 0 - 0. For the sake of justice we will notice that as a part of owners there was no Nihata and De Pedro. Dmitry Hohlov who has left in the field operated too complacently, without having hammered few times from an advantage-ground. To an example of the Russian Serb Kovachevich who also was not using the chances has followed also.
on distance of two points from the leader now is Madrid Real which has on the home field won Betis with account 4 - 1. We will remind that the match of the first circle between these commands passed in two days from - for problems with illumination in Seville. This time visitors have opened the account in the end of the first time, but then Raul, Zidan, and Ronaldo have proved the Fig, who in the house the owner.
results of round
Barcelona - Atletiko 2:2
Goals: Saviola, 6, Overmars, 14 - Marinas, 48, from a penalty, Navarro, 56 Real - Sosedad - Espanol 0:0 Deportivo - Osasuna 1:1
Goals: Makaaj, 63 - Munos, 46 Malorka - a Selta 0:2
Goals: Edu, 54, 64
Rasing - Alaves 2:0
Goals: Nafti, 25, Regejro, 86 Rajo Valekano - Malaga 2:1
Goals: Michel, 4, Peragon, 80 - Silva, 86 Rekreativo - Valencia 1:1
Goals: Molina, 31 - Aurelio, 85 Seville - Atletiko 1:1
Goals: Rejnes, 55 - Moreno, 48 Real - Betis 4:1
Goals: Raul, 44, the Fig, 49, from a penalty, Zidan, 61, Ronaldo, 88 - Fernando, 38
Viljarreal - Valladolid 1:0
the Goal: Lopez, 19, from a penalty
Position of commands
Real Sosedad 21 games, 44 points Real 21 42 Valencia 21 39 Deportivo of 21 36 Betis 21 33