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the Ruby has missed a victory in Peter. VIDEO

Sergey Grigoriev
In Petersburg met Zenith and the Ruby . to Zenith it was necessary to be kept in in the lead group, and to winners Barcelonas into this group to enter. Spalletti has creatively approached to a structure and arrangement choice. High Buharov and Husti from first minutes one meant - Zenith will prefer struggle on flanks and a lumbago. However, at disqualified Lazoviche and Shirokov`s absence, similar tactics was predicted. Berdyev with structure has not surprised - Karadeniz and Medvedev ahead, the powerful centre.
first five minutes have left on investigation, in this time the Ruby has had time to achieve angular, and Zenith has managed to answer with pass of Buharova. Both cases were harmless. However, persistence of Buharova has led to a goal. Having accelerated, it has punched on collars from an acute angle. Angular, and Danni drives a ball a head.
triumph lasted not for long - pass of Karadeniza have passed all. Malafeev at first has reflected artful blow of a Turk, but artful turetskopoddannyj has picked up a ball, and the second blow, from a bar, it was exact. 1:1.
zenith as though has not noticed holes also continued pressure. Blow of Buharova after the angular has missed each other with a bar, three minutes earlier it nearly has not misled all protection of citizens of Kazan.
but counterattacks the Ruby owners passed. And on 31 minute the next canopy has turned to a goal - Medvedev has caused a stir.
Buharov in reciprocal attack has got into the defender. Through pair minutes after giving of Husti the ball after blow of same Buharova hardly has flown over a crossbeam. a ruby has answered with dangerous attack, but Malafeev has returned a ball after blow of Bystrova.
Spalletti recognised the tactical defeat, and till an outcome of the first time has cleaned from a field of Husti and useless Ionova, having let out Fajzulina and Kerzhakova.
the Second time the Ruby has begun with the dangerous moment, but Ryazantsev who has responded to a lumbago has missed.
zenith habitually pressed, but attacks did not have no sharpness. Edinstvenyj creative draw of the angular has led to Denisov`s dangerous blow, and it has had above gate. Other attacks of owners vjazli in dense defence of pupils of Berdyeva.
skilful falling of Karadeniza was the Answer. Baskakov it was bought on actor`s abilities and has appointed penal. After giving Bystrova Medvedev beat strongly, but is inexact.
zenith continued to force. Nobody has responded to a lumbago of Anjukova, and the lumbago was dangerous. Then Kerzhakov for good reason undertook, and its distant blow was rigid and exact. 2:2.
Pressure proceeded, but that was smeared with Buharov Kerzhakov beat not too strongly Arlauskis played above any praises. Firm features have gone to a course " also; clever the trainer - falling also pose. Citizens of Kazan executed by turns death Isoices coiling in agonal torments. On falling of football players Zenith Baskakov attention did not turn. tactics has made the. A drawn game 2:2.
SOGAZ - the Championship of Russia. The prime minister - league. 9 - j round
Zenith (St.-Petersburg) - the Ruby (Kazan) - 2:2 (1:2)
Goals: Danni, 9, Kerzhakov, 71 -   Karadeniz, 19, Medvedev, 31
Preventions:   Anjukov, 11, Buharov, 51
15   May. 16:00. St.-Petersburg. Stadium Petrovsky
Zenith :   Malafeev, Anjukov, Alvesh, Lomberts, Gubochan, Denisov, Zyryanov, Husti (Kerzhakov, 42), Ions (Fajzulin, 42), Danni, Buharov
the Ruby :   Arlauskis, Kuzmin, Sharonov, Navas, Bokketti, Ansaldi, Ryazantsev, Natho, Peter Bystrov (Kisljak, 75), Karadeniz (Nemov, 71), Medvedev (Djadjun, 90)
the Judge :   Yury Baskakov (Moscow)