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Nojvill has issued a dim victory of German national team

In Segvipo the first match 1/ 8 endings has taken place. German national team played against Paraguay. Game has disappointed fans of entertainment football.
the first duel plej - off was expected with a great interest. Games on a departure by definition should be entertainment because to lose in them already precisely it is impossible. However Germany and Paraguay do not concern commands which can spend all 90 minutes in attack. So as a result also it has turned out.
already on the first minutes it became clear that contenders will not hurry up anywhere. They easy enough played a ball and tried to aggravate a situation canopies. It is more ball first Germans supervised, but special advantage from this did not take. In the first 45 minutes wards of Rudi Fellera have not put any blow in a goal mouth. Generally the ball after blows of German players flied above gate, and Chilavertu practically was not necessary to enter game. Has got lost in the field of Miroslav Kloze - the best bombardir present superiority. Ballak tried to operate actively, but defenders played against it accurately enough and did not allow the halfback to be developed properly in the penal.
Paraguayans too interesting in the first time have not thought up anything. They have put two blows in a goal mouth which, however, special problems of Oliveru to Caen did not deliver. The known goalkeeper missed. Not to stand, Oliver tried to leave on each riding ball and beat out it far away fists. However, the most dangerous moment in the first time has arisen at German national team gate. Kardoso on the right has made an excellent pass on Ajjalu. poslednijokazalsja one before collars also has punched to a descent from five metres. However the ball has left above gate.
German national team has begun the second time more actively, but quickly enough game has returned to a quiet channel. All was on - former. Germans submitted canopies, and their attacking players sent a ball above gate. In the middle of the second time fans of a German national team even began to catcall the players, not capable to create a sharpness at gate of Chilaverta. Paraguayans reciprocated. Kampos which have left on replacement tried to run on poljui to strike blows in a goal mouth, but partners, obviously, have decided to wait series poslematchevyh a penalty in which special hopes were assigned to goalkeeper Chilaverta. Against this most boring show rather intrigujushche looked penal, appointed on the centre of German gate after a foul from party Baumanna. Three Chilavert blow was going to strike minutes. The judge long removed a wall, and the well-known goalkeeper was adjusted on a goal. However Jose Luis strong blow by the got tradition has led to that the ball has departed on a lateral tribune.
last 15 minutes there was an impression that Germans and Paraguayans are going to spend extra time half an hour. However on 88 - j to minute there was a moment which has turned an outcome of this duel. Bernd Schneider has literally scratched a ball leaving in a miss, and has made a lumbago in the centre. Nojvill for the first time in a match it has appeared ahead of defenders and from a lethal distance has forwarded a ball to gate. CHilavert was in the given moment it is powerless. Paraguayans have committed hardly probable not a unique error in a match which it cost much.
for remained time the only thing of a mention the moment removal of Akuni which have received the second yellow card became standing. The Paraguayan football player has waved away from Ballaka and has got to it an elbow to the person. The decision of the arbitrator from Guatemala was absolutely fair.
Chezare Maldini has tried to correct a situation, having let out already on 90 - j to minute Kuevasa - the hero of game against Slovenia. However it was clear that the decision of the Italian trainer was overdue - a situation already was not to rescue.
the final whistle has fixed a victory of German national team with account 1 - 0. Now it is necessary to triple world champions chetvertfinalnyj a match with the winner of pair Mexico - the USA .> p> Germany - Paraguay 1 - 0
the Goal: Nojvill, 88
Preventions: Schneider, Baumann - Akunja, Kardoso
Removal: Akunja Line-ups
Germany: Caen, the Link, Remer (Kel, 46), Nojvill (Asamoa, 90), Kloze, Ballak, Jeremis, Bode, Schneider, Mettselder (Baumann, 60), Frings
Paraguay: Chilavert, Arse, Gamarra, Ajjala, Struvej (Kuevas, 90), Santa Krus (Kampos, 29), Akunja, Bonet (Gavilan, 86), Kaseres, Kardoso, Kanisa