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The football match has turned back household murder

Football fanaticism during the present World championship time and again led to human victims. This time the death has occurred in Thailand.
20 - ti the summer inhabitant of Bangkok Dzhitkul Kevklangmuang watched a match between Mexico and Italy. It 18 - the summer wife has wanted to take the panel from the TV and to switch to the channel where showed a soap opera. Quarrel has flashed. The dissatisfied husband took a gun and has shot the spouse.
right after the football match did not begin to examine murder of Kevklangmuang, and has tried to disappear. However in time the arrived police squad has detained the fan - the murderer.
in a site tailandets at once recognised that has killed the wife, but has tried to explain all it is accident. As he said, quarrel has begun even a day before murder. The wife has accused him that during the World championship the fan has absolutely grown lazy and has tried to call it for work. After that the spouse has struck second half then the abuse has gradually ceased. However when the history has repeated next day, the patience of the fan has burst also it has shot down the wife, informs AR.