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In the championship the first large victory

Before a match of Sweden and Bulgaria all has taken place converged in one opinion: the favourite is known. It, naturally, a command of Sweden. However, game has proved that Scandinavians are not only the strongest modular group, but also one of the main applicants for the Euro prize - 2004. With such game which the command of Sweden very few people can adequately resist to it has shown.
the beginning has stood out a little crumpled. Bulgarians have taken hold of the initiative and tried to impose the game. Basically, all transfers went on the young football genius - Berbatova. But that was held strong by the Scandinavian defenders. And as in portable, and literally. Some times Berbatov indignantly showed to the judge supposedly unless it is not visible, what me hold? But the English referee was unshakable - to play!
so have passed the first minutes five. It is not enough - pomalu Swedes have taken game threads in hand and gate of Zdravko Zdravkova began to attack. The first call for Bulgarians was, when Henrik Larsson which returning in a national team all Swedes has been apprehended as a holiday, has tried to slip alone on the centre to the penal area of the Bulgarian command. Has passed one defender, another, and here Kirilov has not sustained and has struck - taki Larssona on feet. Penal! And here to carry out it Jakobsson has come. However, the Swede not bad has punched.
we will notice that in the game beginning one of bargaining chips of the Swedish national team - Jungberg long enough remained in the shadow. The player London the Arsenal as - that has hidden behind backs of defenders, has given few times transfers to the parnyoram and... Has calmed down. However, Jungberg only to blow up on 32 - oh to minute of a match has calmed down.
but before there were some more curious episodes. In - the first, on 20 - oh to minute in penal it is rough folit Ivajlo Petkov. The arbitrator whistles, shows to the defender a mustard plaster, but the penalty does not appoint. Why? Treatment! It is dangerous game, instead of roughness. For this penalty do not give. Free! However, and free kick could be of use for Swedes. The ball - that was in immediate proximity from gate of Zdravkova, but here to use it properly Scandinavians could not. Larsson has approached to a ball and has rolled away it under blow of Edmanu. That has punched strongly, but has got to a paling from defenders.
soon the shade began to leave Jungberg. The player has accustomed in the field and began to deliver many inconveniences to the contenders. Snachal Kirilov folit on Jungberge also receives a yellow card, and then same has seen before itself Jankovich! And too for a foul against Jungberga.
And soon Sweden has come forward. And the goal has hammered correctly! All same played Jungberg. And business was so. Ibragimovich has left from the trustees who tried to catch it on artificial position off side. Then Zlatan has escaped on the left edge, left in private with Zdravkovym, but did not begin to be greedy, and has given a pass to running Jungbergu. That needed not to miss only from distance of three metres - 1:0!
After game has a little calmed down and it became clear that commands wait for a break. To the Bulgarian trainer Plamenu Markovu, however, it was senseless to wait for it. All the same hardly Bulgaria now has the same selection high-quality football players as it was, for example, in 1994. So on replacement in the beginning of the second time anybody at Bulgaria and did not leave.
to Swedes from good is kind to search neprestalo so also they have not brought changes in structure. Before the break, truth, has appeared instead of left Luchicha there was Vilhelmsson, but it was the compelled replacement.
from first minutes of the second sorokapjatiminutki it became clear that Swedes dozhmut the opponent. However, all were solved by Larsson. At first it, having received magnificent transfer from the left flank, has beautifully jumped a small fish and has finished a combination - 2:0. Instead of Bulgarians had time to play a ball in a midfield as the second ball of Larssona has there and then followed. Henrik this time has responded to transfer on the right and one, on the left corner vratarskoj, has closed a pass an exact shot in gate - 3:0.
Game has been made literally for pair minutes. What there to speak, Bulgarians have absolutely become unstuck. If they and not so - that willingly went earlier on another`s half of field, now even if passed then lost a ball. Sweden played exactly, without failures. Players were obviously liberated and have managed to hammer in two more balls. At first the penalty were realised by Ibragimovich, and at the very end of a match of Larsson has entered in private with Zdravkovym Ollbaka who has made the account absolutely devastating - 5:0.
And who will tell now, what Sweden not the favourite of group? After neutral game of Italian national team with a command of Denmark Swedes become the main applicants for hit in a quarterfinal. As to Italians they should test on themselves Scandinavians already on June, 18th. Italy - Sweden! Who names now the favourite in this pair?
Sweden - Bulgaria 5:0
Goals: Jungberg, 32, Larsson, 57, 58, Ibragimovich, 78, from a penalty, Ollbak, 90
Preventions: Linderot, 52 (rough game), Ibragimovich, 66 (rough game) - I.Petkov, 20 (dangerous game), Kirilov, 24 (rough game), Jankovich, 25 (rough game), V.Ivanov, 71 (rough game)
on June, 14th. Lisbon. Stadium Jose Alvalade
Sweden: Isaksson, Luchich, (Vilhelmsson, 41), Melberg, Jakobsson, Edman, Nilsson, Linderot, Svensson, (Chelstrem, 76), Jungberg, Ibragimovich, (Albek, 81), Larsson
Bulgaria: Zdravkov, Ivanov, Pazhin, Kirilov, Petkov, Peev, Christ`s, S.Petrov, M.Petrov, (Lazarov, 84), Jankovich, (Dimitrov, 62), Berbatov, (Manchev, 76)
the Judge: Rajli (England)
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