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By roadway it is deducted from a national team!

Alexander Mostovoj is deducted from Russian national team, informs the NEWSPAPER . The reason of such decision became interview of the halfback to the Spanish press in which he has complained of methods of work of the head coach of a command of George Jartseva. Officially while on deduction it is not informed. The press - conference of Jartseva on which, probably, it and will clear a situation today will take place.

to a roadway has given interview after a match against Spanish national team. Including, Alexander has told the following: We are exhausted by those training loadings which were offered by our trainer. I do not think that Spaniards trained in the same mode. Now, after loss of Spain, I think that Russia still had minimum quantity of chances to leave group .

it is interesting that the Roadway in the opinion it was not lonely. Every other day Dmitry Alenichev, one of the best as a part of a national team in that match, has told that in the second time the command simply was ready to drop and could not breathe. In the same spirit Vadim Yevseyev who usually in any way cannot be reproached with physical unavailability has expressed even.

Russian national team has continued tradition to begin any large tournament with scandal. A roadway has dared to scarify publicly the trainer and to declare that does not see prospects for a national team, Jartsev has there and then expelled him in general, preparation for a match against Portugueses goes at full speed.

bridge it is possible to replace. Too intensive trainings are guilty or the age of the football player has simply affected, but with Spaniards he has played, to put it mildly, sredne. Instead of it in the field there can be Dmitry Loskov. But as a whole the situation makes oppressive enough impression.