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The classics of the European championship (a preview to a match Germany - Holland)

the First round of a group stage of the European championship has planned two central matches: France - England and Germany - Holland. The first match of expectation has justified, if not from the point of view of quality of game then from the point of view zakruchennosti the intrigues, the second only should make it.

matches Germany - Holland - classics of the World championships and Europe. It is difficult to present more basic opposition to itself. Since the ending of the World championship of 1974 when pragmatic Germans have beaten a fantastic national team of Holland, " has taken place; orange all dream to take a revenge and cannot calm down in any way. In general, it is possible to understand them: that championship was one of two when they could become the best in the world. The national team of times of Kruiffa really deserved a title of the strongest team of a planet, but have won then Germans.

For last years 10 these national teams everyone a match turns to fight, and it is frequent in fight scandalous. In 1988 to Dutches the revenge is partially daring: in a semi-final of the European championship they have beaten Germans, and after all superiority passed in Germany. The match was accompanied by scandal: it is impossible to tell that game of both contenders corresponded to principle Fair Play. Klinsmann has fallen down, as knocked down, after contact with Rajkaardom thanks to what Germans have acquired the right to a penalty, soon courtesy on courtesy Van Basten which have demanded a penalty after collision with Kolerom has answered. In general, war has begun.

the peak it has reached in the World championship of 1990. The situation of 1974 has repeated just what isn`t needed. This time already Germans played unusually zrelishchno, and Dutches have brought to Italy a national team, star on structure, but not shown anything on game.

Feller with Rajkaardom of the relation have started to find out minute with the third. The Dutch has brought down the German really rudely, but Feller, probably, could and not rush at once to fight. And soon Feller has too actively gone to struggle against the goalkeeper van Brokelenom Rajkaard there and then was delighted to possibility to continue conversation with the present trainer of German national team, has come running to a conflict place, but arguments at it have run low quickly enough, and it in the contender has spat. And, while the judge reached gate, has had time to make it once again. As a result both have received red cards, and match of a command all almost played ten together. It has appeared to Germans more hard: they have been compelled to play one forward. But all the same they were so stronger that have finished game to a victory rather easily. That meeting has been recognised by one of the best in the championship.

duel has proceeded two years later in the European championship which was passing in Sweden. This time commands have met at a group stage, so a question to win or die did not stand. Dutches have won that meeting, but hardly this victory so heated their vanity: in a semi-final they have lost to Danes, and Germans have reached the ending where, truth, have lost to the same Danes.

after that Dutches and Germans on large tournaments with each other did not face, and enmity became not that to cease but as - that it has left from the foreground. Companionable matches, naturally, did not give the same heat, as official meetings, and interest to them was warmed up basically by violences of fans.

but now war will be splashed out again in the field. Unlike 92 - go year, in this case again there is a question to win or die in spite of the fact that the match passes at a group stage. death group errors will not forgive.

Favourites, probably, Dutches though after performance of Germans in the World championship of 2002 concerning results of matches with their participation it is necessary to do forecasts carefully. They and then favourites were not, but have passed essentially further Dutches.

but the second consecutive time to make a miracle Germans as - that very strange looked in companionable matches before the beginning of tournament. They have largely lost to Romanians who in general for Euro have not got, they have conceded houses to Hungarians who a strong team can name only very much the great admirer of the Hungarian football. In an active to themselves they can bring only a victory over Swisses, but it it is obviously not enough to be considered as favourites.

However, and Dutches have lost houses to Irish so also they have not typed while the optimum form. Unlike Germans, at orange an age command and for many players this European championship - last chance. And it can be used only in case of a successful outcome of a match with Germans.

rough structures:

Germany: Caen, Fridrih, Verns, Novotny, Llamas, Schneider, Baumann, Hamann, Frings, Ballak, Kurany

Holland: Van der Sar, Hejtinga, Bouma, Stam, van Bronhorst, Snejder, to the Cook, Davids, van der Mejde, van Nistelroj, van der Vaart