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Last fight

Vladimir Andreev

On Wednesday at 22:45 at stadium Pools in Lisbon Russian national team will play an European championship decisive match on football against Portuguese national team. Defeat deprives our command of chances of struggle continuation, the victory increases them. About a drawn game it would not be desirable to speak, as in this case much will depend not on us.

with what our command has approached to a duel with furious owners for whom on Wednesday evening there will be all possible concomitant factors: fans, weather, judges, at last? Our command has approached to this meeting as it is sad, with losses in structure and large scandal.

the largest while in the European championship. For defeatist moods and criticism of actions of a trainer`s staff of a national team the most skilled player in its structure Alexander Mostovoj is deducted from a command. Having waited for couple of days after statements Bridge in interview to the Spanish mass-media, for the third day George Jartsev has splashed out everything on the player that suspected its account.

who does not have brains " were tired only; game Bridge in a match with Spain was unsuccessful, and times even failure with leaving of this player conditions in a national team are normalised - here only some of George Jartseva`s statements. It is clear that any trainer in the world will not like that the player of its own command criticises the chosen technique of trainings, it should be silent and work simply. It is possible to state all thoughts already after the European championship.

the problem by and large not only and is not so much in Bridge, after all on its position can play both Alenichev, and Radimov, both Loskov, and Semshov. Other football players of a command have agreed With its statements also. For example, that in the end of a match players did not have not enough forces, Vadim Yevseyev has told also. It, truth, did not begin to criticise trainers. It is more useless to do during tournaments. It seems that Victor Onopko during gathering in the Pine forest too has admitted similar statements, here and has not gone for Euro - 2004.

it is very unpleasant that the conflict has occurred in Russian national team, after all on all previous large tournaments, behind an exception, maybe, the World championship of 2002, conflicts became invariable attribute of Russian national team (the CIS/ the USSR). Requirements about bonus in 1990, the letter of fourteen in 1994, financial questions in 1996. On all these tournaments our command acted very unsuccessfully.

now here and Euro - 2004, on which and so no hopes existing. We will be frank - George Jartseva`s command went to Portugal in the rank of the outsider. And the first match with Spaniards has proved that of the big victories - at least in that structure in which she played with the team Injaki Saesa - is not capable.

it is a lot of questions to separate football players. Besides Bulykinu, for example, to George Jartseva`s favourite. What it this year has made such, what its occurrence as a part of a national team in general was possible? Anything. Anything. The match with Spaniards only has confirmed it. As Dmitry in " played this year; stolbovoj football, and plays. Advantage of its presence in the field of any was not. From outside it seemed even that during any moment of time Spaniards do not pay to it attention - all the same supposedly will not hammer.

or, for example, Gusev. Rolan the match has frankly ruined, and it was necessary to change it not in a break, and in 10 minutes after the beginning. There are questions to Aldoninu who some times failed in simply awful image in a midfield, and on our gate there was a next attack.

to Bridge, by the way, questions practically were not. In spite of the fact that coaches of the team after deduction of the player have started to operate with statistics, loudly declaring that he both did not struggle, and played unsuccessfully, and places provalno. What then it has not been replaced, if it has in the field appeared one of the worst? There is nobody to change was? A lie. As a part of our command of the central halfbacks an obvious overabundance.

though absence Bridge, of course, will affect command actions. Remember, what shock was caused in a press by its nonparticipation in reciprocal game with the Wales? That - that. Well it is fine, line-up definition - entirely a prerogative of the head coach. To it and for result to answer. But it is not out of place to remind that with structure on game with Spain Jartsev was mistaken, as itself recognised on poslematchevoj a press - conferences.

played with thought not to lose also have lost. If we leave with the same mood on a match with Portugal, we will be crushed. It is necessary to make changes to a play of the team and its spirit. It is not necessary to touch the goalkeeper - Ovchinnikov has won back with Spaniards above any praises. Here all admire how Dzhanluidzhi Buffon and Thomas Sorenesen have played. And what, unless Ovchinnikov looked worse? It for certain will take the place in collars. For today - a lawful place. With defence too there are no questions. Its structure will undergo only one change - instead of the disqualified Sharonov in the field leaves Bulls. Perhaps, it would be necessary to change and Yevseyev for Anjukova, but Vadim with Spaniards has played above that level that showed in this season.

Mesta Sennikova and Smertin to doubt are not exposed. Both there is nobody to replace simply though in a match with Spain both that, and another looked not excellent. But game in a half-backs and an attack becomes the key factor to positive result nevertheless. If Jartsev nevertheless overcomes itself, and will leave on a bench of Bulykina and Gusev our command will have quite good chances to score at least one goal. Strain to be in action very brightly playing the championship Kerzhakov and Kirichenko, Sychev wants to play the attack centre, instead of on the right flank, extreme halfbacks of Karjaka and Bystrov are ready poterzat the contender. Dmitry Loskov and Igor Semshov for certain want to prove that them took in national team not to sit in a stock.

if only only Jartsev was not mistaken again. Certainly, Portugueses are stronger than us in each line, and besides are enraged by defeat from Greeks. But the next match on not to lose us will kill. Valery Nepomnyaschy has correctly told - players leave to play with that installation which was given to them by the trainer. If he tells - go and break off, they will go and will break off. Examples? On Zenith look, in which the youth, hungry before football, struggles up to the end in each match. And in each match plays on a victory. If deduction Bridge rallies a command, Jartseva can name the shrewd psychologist and ingenious taktikom if there is no

All will show a match on Wednesday in the field Pools . We trust? We hope.