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With “ Kuban “ did not begin to remove 18 points

the Leader of the first battalion Krasnodar “ Kuban “ all - taki has not been deprived 18 points. As to Makhachkala “ the Dynamo “ the question on removal from a command of 6 points has been again directed on consideration in KDK.

On Wednesday the Appeal committee of the Russian football union has made following decisions:
1. To cancel the decision of KDK RFS from June, 1st, 2006 about removal with FK “Kuban“ (Krasnodar) of 18 tournament points in Superiority of Russia among commands of not amateur football clubs of the first battalion.
2. To recognise obligations FK “Kuban“ on indemnification payment at transition of football players A.Solomatina, A.Tlisova and D.Popova executed properly.
3. To forbid general director FK “Kuban“ M.K.Remchukovu within three months to carry out all activity connected with football.
4. The decision can be appealed against the parties in Sports arbitration court (Lausanne) within ten days.
5. To direct on new consideration of KDK RFS a question on removal with FK “Dynamo“ (Makhachkala) of six points for reception of additional proofs.

we will remind that earlier the administration of Professional football League (PFL) has made decision to deprive from - for debts on transfers FK “ Kuban “ (Krasnodar) and FK “ the Dynamo “ (Makhachkala) 18 - ti and 6 - ti points accordingly.
the given decision was accepted on the basis of the conclusion of Kontrolno - the disciplinary Committee RFS accepted on representation of Chamber on a resolution of disputes of Committee RFS under the status of players.
the decision on punishment was accepted in spite of that at session of KDK RFS both clubs have presented the documents confirming that delays have been admitted not on their fault.
we will remind that the consideration reason “ affairs “ Kuban “ and “ Dynamo “ there were infringements of terms of repayment of debts on transfers. So krasnodartsy have not paid off in time from CSKA for transition of Solomatina, Tlisova and Popova, it is white - blue have not extinguished debts before “ Anzhi “.