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Minchane have extended a heavy match

the first matches of the third round of Kubka Intertoto Have taken place. The greatest interest was represented by game in Wolfsburg where the local club accepted Minsk the Dynamo .
Despite successful start of the Belarus command in tournament many assumed that already in the first match in Germany the Dynamo will lose with the large account. At Germans now having rummaged in the championship, and in Belarus national superiority in the heat. Nevertheless, it is obvious that minchane concede in a class to the contenders, from here and pessimism.
the match has not caused a great interest in Wolfsburg. On tribunes of cosy stadium VFL has gathered only 4670 spectators. It is difficult enough to interest German fans in the Cup of Intertoto. But the come fans should take pleasure in game. Especially they liked the first time in which the Trinity of forwards - Petrov - Robson Ponte - Juskovjak excellent operated. Last in four minutes after the match beginning has opened the account. However very quickly at minchan Peter Kachuro has caused a stir. After Akonnor the most skilled player in structure " has broken rules on Ledeneve; the Dynamo has sent a ball from a penalty under the crossbeam. However the attack of Germans in the first time was uncontrollable. At first Martin Petrov has struck the most beautiful blow from 22 metres, and then Charles Akonnor a head has sent the third ball to gate of Byelorussians after a gross blunder of protection of visitors. Well, and when Andrzej Juskovjak on 60 - j has scored to minute the fourth goal, mood at admirers the Dynamo has definitively deteriorated. Has rescued minchan that at strong attack Wolfsburg does not possess class defenders who played nesobranno and frequently did not understand each other. Byelorussians were conducted by Peter Kachuro. At first it left in private with the goalkeeper, has been brought down in the penal area. But the judge from Finland of a penalty has not appointed. On 70 - j to minute Ledenev after a series of rebounds has struck blow by scissors and has made account 4 - 2. On 81 - j to minute Kachuro has used a brilliant pass of Sidelnikova and has reduced a difference in the account to a minimum Germans have been discouraged and presumed the Dynamo to even up scores, but minchanam has not carried a little. A result 4 - 3 in advantage Wolfsburg that leaves to Byelorussians good chances of an exit in the following circle.
results of other matches:
Breshija (Italy) - Tatabanya (Hungary) 2:1
Lokeren (Belgium) - Newcastle (England) 0:4
Blsany (Czechia) - the Victory (Macedonia) 0:0
It is nice (Croatia) - Aston the Country house (England) 2:1
Wolfsburg (Germany) - the Dynamo (Minsk, Belarus) 4:3
the Werder (Germany) - Gent (Belgium) 2:3
Basel (Switzerland) - Herenven (Netherlands) 2:1
Publikum (Slovenia) - Lausanne (Switzerland) 1:1