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Borisovsky BATE has dishonoured lions from Munich

In Borisov Kubka Intertoto match between local BATE and a German command " has taken place; Munich 1860 . The result of this game became the main sensation European uik - enda.
Already in the first match on the German earth the Belarus command has shown rather quite good football and has won in the field of the contender with account 1 - 0, plus to that without having realised a penalty. lions which prepare for a new season, maybe, have not shown proper attention to a command from a city of Borisov. However in the second game about speech underestimation could not be.
it is surprising, but only first minutes a command, in which players of a basis acted (including the well-known Martin Max), looked more - less tolerably. Then the shame of the Munich command has begun. On 16 - j minute to goalkeeper Simonu Jentshu had to take out a ball from gate after Dmitry Moljasha`s blow from an average distance. Germans after that have started and have gone forward. However protection borisovskoj confidently played commands, and also the goalkeeper. On 25 - j to minute Byelorussians have neutralised Martin Max blow. And here already on 35 - j to minute position of Germans became awful when Kantsavy has supplied with a ball of Mironchuka, and that has doubled advantage of owners - 2 - 0.
After the second hammered ball owners were locked on the half of field. The head coach of visitors has tried to change a course of game by replacements. In particular, in the field there was a well-known Bulgarian player Borimirov. However instead of crisis there has come defeat when in the second time of Shmihera and Strahanovich have made account 4 - 0 and have deduced the command in Kubka Intertoto third round, on a rendezvous with Italian Bologna .
Even considering inter-season period to Germany, defeat from BATE it has been regarded in Germany as shameful failure. In a similar way Munich 1860 Was embarrassed in Europe 6 years ago when in a decisive match has conceded on the home field to Russian team KAMAZ from the city of Naberezhnye Chelny.
BATE (Belarus) - Munich 1860 (Germany) 4 - 0
Joint account 5 - 0
Goals: Malash, 16, Mironchik, 35, Shmihera, 66, Strahanovich, 80